Maitreya's writings are timeless and represent the core themes in the teachings that Maitreya channeled through Margaret McElroy. There are total of 411 channeled newsletters by Maitreya from 2000 to 2016. Maitreya Speaks Free eBook Download Click Here for Free Download Maitreya’s Wisdom Cards eBook consists of 88 cards. All represent points of learning in from Maitreya’s teachings. Every card in the deck has a mandala specially created for it. Mandalas are spiritual symbols created with color, and are used for meditation and contemplation. Both the colors and symbols used within each mandala are designed to assist you in connecting on a deep level with the energy of each card. Maitreya Wisdom Cards Free eBook Download Click Here for Free Download In continuation of Maitreya and Margaret's work, we are offering free Apps download to our Maitreya Quotes and Maitreya Wisdom Cards Apps in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Free Maitreya Apps Download Click Here for Free Download Upcoming Events Master of Metaphysical Beginner Course in Beijing, China

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In astrology, Chiron symbolizes our deepest wound, the deep, dark pain that we are not only hiding from others, but also from ourselves. It also represents the key to our spiritual transformation, how we can transcend our physical, emotional and mental limitations (the Self part of us) to our soul and spirit (the Higher Self part of us). Chiron - Healing Your Deepest Wounds Learn More About This Course Private Study: Services We offer a variety of readings, counseling and healing with the intention of assisting you to align your life with your soul purpose and destiny, and to live your life with passion and freedom. Click Here for more Info Read More Enjoy latest articles from Alan , Jean and Team Maitreya as they share their thoughts, insights, and experiences on their life journey.
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Maitreya’s Teachings are a gateway to assist you on your unique journey of soul development through his writings, videos and discussions.

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Enjoy latest articles from Alan, Jean, and Maitreya’s students as they share their thoughts, insights, and experiences on their life journey.

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We offer a variety of readings, counseling and healing with the intention of assisting  you to align your life with your soul purpose  and destiny, and to live your life with passion and freedom.

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Maitreya Speaks – Anger and Forgiveness

So many souls are bringing to the surface incredible anger and frustration caused by others’ past actions and by even their own actions in their own life. One cannot [...]

May 1st, 2021|Messages|

Maitreya Quote on How to Live in World Peace

"Unless you can find peace in your own heart, come to terms with the knowledge that all souls are different, that one can have a different belief system and still be friends with and be happy with those that are that way, the world will continue to have war, anger and fear! " ~ Maitreya

May 6th, 2021|Maitreya Quote|



Testimonial for Astrology Private Study

Hi Jean and Alan, You’ve given me a lot to think about and digest going forward. Your advice, things to be aware of, possible reactions and all the insights and tips were very helpful and very much appreciated. I will do my best to speak my truth, hold my power, and ask the BIG Question: “Am I being true to myself?”  Wow!  That was a very powerful session. Thank you again. – Darcy Pariso, WA, USA

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Testimonial for Chiron Private Study

Having the opportunity to do Jean’s course Healing the Chiron Wound was a profound healing experience for me. With Chiron in Aries it showed me issues I never knew existed. Jean was able to show me from my natal chart how much of an impact Chiron’s Wound has had on my life. Jean’s teaching left me with such profound change. Thru this, I was able to peel away hidden layers of deep emotional wounds. After each session I could understand why I felt the way I did then and at the same time release the attachment to it. I found Jean relatable and easy to understand. For anyone and everyone who chooses to do this course, it means you are ready to HEAL within. I highly recommend this course as it is most beneficial to all. Thank you, Jean, you are an inspirational and motivational teacher whom has allowed me the healing to move forward in my life. Love, Justine Worthington – Melbourne, Australia

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JW - Australia

Testimonial for In-depth Astrology

Anyone looking for an amazing Astrologer?? I just had a reading from my dear friend Jean Luo and OH MY GOSH!!!! She was phenomenal!! The grace and intuition paired with practical astrological placement. There were things that Cameron and I had been discussing about my life path and things that I am going through that she was able to not only see in my chart but able to intuitively pick up the details… I strongly recommend contacting Jean if you would like the insight. Thankfully we are all connected by Internet… So distance and time zone don’t matter. – LS, USA

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Testimonial for Private Study

Thank you, Jean, for opening up the energy gates to my soul. You have managed to get past my self-doubt to the very heart of my soul who knows deep down. I so look forward to our next session. – CA, France

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CA - France

Testimonial for Master of Metaphysics Beginner Course with Alan and Jean

Once again to Spirit, Jean and Alan THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT AND LOVE that you shared with me over the course. You all did this in order to assist me to move forward on my life path. Love and Light to you all. – Makachi Chimusaru, Canada

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MC - Canada

Testimonial for Past Life Regression

Dear Jean, Thank you for the past life regression. I believe it really helped me to know the people in my life and how they have been with me before. I see clearer now the relationships and sometimes issues. They are more disconnected from my emotions and more a simple memory now. Maybe better said they are only past experiences. Thank you again. AJ, USA

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Testimonial for Medical Astrology

Thank you SO much Jean. I could not believe the difference these cell salts (and your healing) have made today. I started taking them this morning and literally within I would say maybe a couple of hours perhaps less the pain had gone and I was feeling 100% less stressed and calmer. My back is still a bit sore, but the pain has gone. I will keep taking them and report back again . . . Love, LA, UK

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LA - United Kingdom

Testimonial for Chiron Private Study

Jean, I have to tell you, I met my parents today the first time since i started the course and I found a huge difference. But they live a three hours drive from my home. I think it is a good sign of a success in the releasing process. Whoop whoop! Thank you so much. You’re a great teacher. Thank you again. – Hrafnkatla, Iceland

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HV - Icelad

Testimonial for In-depth Astrology

Hi Jean, thank you so much for the astrology reading and chart yesterday.  I have a new perspective on my life’s path. You reached into my head and heart and confirmed so much for me. I felt heard, understood, and loved from you and that is empowering. Thank you again.  – Blessings, AM, USA

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Testimonial for Past Life Regression

The issues we dealt with were fear of my father and failure of my successes.  I can honestly say I feel like I’ve truly released my father and have forgiven him.  You put everything into a higher perspective for me a way for me to understand “why”.  I dream about my father now in a positive light and in the dream I have no fear and I am in control of my own destiny and not afraid to speak my truth.  I feel detached from my past and able to move forward now. I completely understand why I went through what I went through and know with all my heart it was truly meant to be so that I could be the best me I could be to fulfill my life purpose. – KQ, USA

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