Maitreya’s Teachings are the gateway to assist you on your unique journey of soul development through his writings, videos and discussions.

I am an energy from the world beyond yours. I have walked the Earth plane just as you are doing in this incarnation. I, like you, had to overcome my fears, doubts and insecurities to learn my lessons on my pathway to ascension from the Earth plane. Through my learning on the Earth plane and in our world, I have attained the knowledge to now assist and guide the evolution of your plane on a soul and planetary level. I am pure energy, pure consciousness, therefore I need a physical form to work through since my vibration no longer permits me to incarnate to your plane. I have been called many names by different cultures, from Lord Maitreya, to Maitreya Buddha, to Mi Le Fu to name just a few. Many have referred to me as The World Teacher, but, I am just a teacher with a new level of knowledge that is here to teach. In our world, we have no egos, no names and no levels of importance that you on the Earth plane tend to hold in importance.

I come from a vibrational dimension just beyond yours on the Earth plane. It is your true home. It is where you go when you transition from death, on your plane. Some refer to it as heaven. We have no official name for it, other than where you reside in-between your incarnations. It is the dimension whose vibration you strive to attain, thus allowing ascension from the Earth plane.

I have worked with this soul in many lifetimes. During her last incarnation, her insecurities and fears limited our teaching and caused much damage. She chose to work with me again in this incarnation. I needed a channel during this period of Earth time that was of the world; someone whose journey would mirror the struggles of the majority of the population, and provide a pathway for learning, hope and perseverance. When she chose to work with me, we put together her astrological configuration to inhibit the failures of the past life where fear gave way to ego. To enable me to bring the change required to the masses, the energy my channel would have to possess in this incarnation could leave no room for ego. Her planetary placements in houses of self and power have made it a very tough incarnation of learning, to bring her to the channel she became. In many cultures, they find it interesting that I would work through a woman on this level at this point in time. But, I ask you why not? It is now time to surmount structures, belief systems and cultures that have limited the evolution of this plane for thousands of years. Who better than a woman? Margaret was a woman of the world, who chose a truly hard incarnation of learning to prepare her to allow me to take my message to the world.

I give my energy to many through their guides and helpers in many different forms.

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Margaret was the clearest channel we in our world have ever had on the Earth plane. That may sound bold, but you do not comprehend how your self/ego and your conditioning influence intuition. We have had so many souls re-incarnate with great intentions, but when the self-aspect of your physical world gets entwined in your structures and belief systems, our messages get taken over by those wanting power and control. We in our world do not judge those that fall short, we fully understand your struggles of self on the Earth plane.

I am a teacher who brings the knowledge and the energy through this channel to facilitate change on a personal and global level. Through my teachings, I provide a road map to becoming the Master of your own life. You have incarnated with a purpose, what is it? Like my channel, each of you have many fears holding you back from attaining your destiny. Where are your fears? What past-life energy have you chosen to work through? What life lessons have you chosen to face? What karma have you chosen to re-pay? Who owes you karma? My purpose is to assist you with the knowledge and tools to find these answers. Without these answers, you are wandering through this incarnation without a plan. You are like a boat without a rudder. I, and my fellow teachers also bring the energy for change through our channels everywhere we go. The structures and beliefs of the past are no longer working or relevant. They are being exposed with our energy, and our energy is assisting the transformation.

My website provides a forum for me to educate and inform. It allows me to reach anyone, anywhere, who is ready to hear the message I share. If you do not resonate with my message, the Internet provides a gateway for you to find your own truth. This is your first step towards being your own master. Remember, everything on the Earth plane originates from our world; your true home. As I mentioned previously, much gets changed through the intuitive process of the individual, but the Internet was brought forward as our communication tool to bypass censorship of thought. It is a mechanism to convey unfiltered information that will enable you to make your own decisions.

Astrology is essential to understand for anyone who wishes to know their life’s purpose and lessons they have chosen to work through in this incarnation. Astrology is much like a map to your life. Can you travel through life without a map? Yes, you can. However, when you know how to read your map, it makes the process of life easier to navigate. Where do your hardest lessons lie? Where will you have to transform yourself to attain your destiny? Where are your insecurities hidden? If you truly want to understand who you are, astrology holds the key.