Margaret passed to “The World of Spirit” on July 13th, 2016 at 4:52 a.m. in Renton, Washington. She had been teaching about the world of Spirit since 1987. She left a legacy of teachings and writings from her teacher; an energy she knew and we came to know as Maitreya. The wisdom in these writings and audio/videos are a gift to all those who are drawn to becoming their own Master. The content is timeless and focuses on “YOU” taking ownership in your life and facing your fears through the life lessons you have chosen against the backdrop of your Astrology, Past Life Energy and Karma.

Margaret traveled the world with Maitreya allowing him the ability to channel and teach to 1,000’s of people at their events and through the website he had Margaret setup. He trained many teachers to carry forward his message and left this website as the repository for his writings. He often referred to his missives as he called them as “Wisdom for Today”, Answer’s for Tomorrow”, which is a way to help you understand how to navigate your circumstances as you try to fit into the world around you. There are many practitioner’s and teachers listed on this website as well as graduate students of his courses from all over the world for you to reach out to if you feel inclined to engage.

Margaret and Maitreya’s teaching continues through her husband Alan McElroy and personal assistant Jean Luo, along with Dennis Dossett, and many students she taught and touched (use Maitreya Worldwide Network to contact like minded individuals from all over the world). Korinne Gang and Ratna Colluru continue their duties of managing Margaret and Maitreya’s Facebook pages and the website.

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Team Maitreya

Margaret McElroy was born in Nottingham, England in 1946, and migrated to Australia in 1974. The mother of three and grandmother of six opened the door to her spiritual path in 1985. Margaret was a citizen of England, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Through her experiences of life and interactions with a wide variety of cultures, locations and people, she became a woman of the world, gaining valuable insights all along the way.

In 1992, after channeling an energy known as Argos for 5 years, Margaret began channeling Maitreya. Upon his instructions, she developed a website to allow Maitreya to share his teachings with the world. Maitreya guided Margaret through the lessons she chose for her learning in this lifetime. She had to overcome many fears on her journey. This enabled her to raise her vibration to a state where she and Maitreya were one. It was this connection that made it possible for Maitreya to be with Margaret at all times.

Margaret McElroy was featured in over 500 media publications, was a radio show host and did numerous radio and TV segments. She authored six books. Her travels with Maitreya took her around the world, from a channeled talk at the United Nations in New York, to Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and India.

Margaret with Maitreya traveled around the world. She taught students all over the world.

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Here are some testimonials of the lives Margaret touched through her teaching and guidance.

*The ten days I spent with Margaret and Maitreya were truly life-changing! With a course designed by Maitreya just for me, it addressed the issues that were necessary for me to move forward. I worked to raise my vibration; to understand my past and my present – so I can learn to serve mankind in the future. Thank you, Margaret, for sharing the energy. ~ L.L. WA, USA

*Learning and healing within the energy of our teacher, Maitreya is a life-changing experience. I recently undertook the ten day intensive course with Margaret McElroy in beautiful Queensland. Though I had no idea what to expect, I’m sure if I’d had expectations, then they’d have been well and truly exceeded.

There is a type of heat that emanates from Margaret as she teaches/channels, so that on several occasions, I found myself engrossed in what she was saying but at the same time needing to move physically away from her to prevent myself from going under hypnotically. At one point Margaret exclaimed “You’ll be out the door soon!”

When I say that the course is intensive, that is literal. Fortunately, I was lovingly cared for by her assistants, with all physical needs provided beautifully and specifically tailored for me. That was essential, since the course could be summed up as Metaphysics 101 in ten days flat out, comprising three sessions per day. Each night, I wanted to read more but was usually too tired!

This is not a problem though, as all readings, videos and course materials are provided digitally. I’m now at home gradually working my way through them and they are a ready reference. I’ve also listened to recordings of some of my past life regressions. In hearing the conversation, it brought back all of the images and experiences I was having in hypnosis, which were far more complex and detailed than the verbal descriptions I could provide at the time.

Prior to the course, I had begun teaching myself meditation from a variety of sources but the meditations I experienced with Margaret were indescribably awesome. I ventured into other-worldly realities. Never had I experienced such fantastic happenings in meditations before and I’m just beginning to allow similar potentials on my own. But it was merely a prayer and background music that opened me to the greater Multiverse in Margaret’s presence. If only I could’ve projected those images onto a video recorder!

I have a lifelong habit of atheism and ego-hood that is doing constant battle with me. So to have the material evidence of my ten day spiritual experience in meditation, hypnosis, colour therapy and all things Metaphysical with Maitreya’s team is a lifesaver. It is a reminder that that my own ‘paranormal’ experiences are natural and not the manifestations of mental illness, as some prefer to judge them. They are utter blessings and momentously hopeful indications of beautiful things to come.

Eternal gratitude prevails in my heart for Maitreya’s intervention in my life, in the form of Margaret McElroy, Jean Luo, Alan McElroy and Korinne Gang.

~ H.S. Australia

*Thank you so much Margaret and your team for the wonderful lesson you presented over the net yesterday. I learned lot indeed as witnessed by a little headache that I usually get when I learn a lot. I’m now clear about who God is and where we as humans stand in the grand scheme of things. Talking about the energy you gave us over the net, I felt a little tingling on my fingertips( especially my right hand thumb) and under my feet. I also noted a sound of ‘current flow'( for lack of better word to describe it) on my left ear more than on the right ear. That is what I recall feeling.Once more thank you very much for the amazing work you are doing for humanity. I hope and pray that you continue to have strength and the will to bring light to our suffering world of today. My best regards to you all! ~ M.C. from Canada

*I have done the “Taming The Self” reading and let me say that when I saw the reading I was very quick in booking the reading because I knew that if I waited I would hear my self saying: “Don’t do it, you don’t deserve it, you can’t afford it”. After having had the reading I must say this is a life changer. I feel like I have had an open heart surgery and all my wishes and dreams are right in front of me, all I have to do is stop listening to the negative self that wants to hold me back and start living my life in my fullest potential. I am blown away with the amazing information I got from the reading and I must express deep gratitude that this reading is available. This comes at such a perfect timing as I have felt a little stuck with my art work but now I know that I have tools to work with to stop the self from running the show and being more aware of what it is doing and why. I feel my consciousness already picking up on it and my awareness has started helping me. I can truly say again that this reading is a life changer. ~ H.W. from Iceland

*I had taken Margaret/Maitreya two week private study course and it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It was a big step financially and I had a lot of fear but I have no regrets. I have raised my vibration so much its just unbelievable. I would not been able to do that without Margaret/Maitreya help. Thank you Margaret and her staff for showing such love and hospitality during my visit. ~ P.C., PA, USA

*The ten days I spent with Margaret and Maitreya were truly life-changing! With a course designed by Maitreya just for me, it addressed the issues that were necessary for me to move forward. I worked to raise my vibration; to understand my past and my present – so I can learn to serve mankind in the future. Thank you, Margaret, for sharing the energy. ~ L.L. WA, USA

*Hello Margaret,

It was great talking to you over Skype. You are a very noble soul. I already feel so much better talking to you, and my life seems to have a new meaning. Honestly, I was hoping the conversation would go on and on, as it was so beautiful talking to you. You have great energy, and I feel much better and lighter in talking to you.

Thank you again,