Alan McElroy ~ Margaret’s Husband

Honey Bunny, I don’t even know where to begin except to say that I am a better person because of you. I got to share in your love as you allowed your passion for the Masters and their knowledge to come forward through you. You gave of yourself to me [...]

Barbara Candiotti ~ WA, USA

My experience with Margaret/Maitreya I first met Margaret at a channeling at her Redmond, WA healing center. Walking into her healing center there was a refreshing, peaceful, crispness to the air like a pristine mountain meadow. When Margaret channeled I could see a golden radiance surrounding her. I immediately knew [...]

Chantal Anders ~ France

I first came across Margaret & Maitreya in 2009 when I was needing answers about my life. I knew there was something else I was supposed to be doing in my life but was at a loss after many years of doubt and struggle. I randomly searched the internet and [...]

Christine Burn ~ New Zealand

I first met Margaret when she was living in Nelson, New Zealand, in 1996, and I was a student on her first Master of Metaphysics course. My life started changing in a positive way from the very time that I met her. Words just cannot express the deep gratitude that [...]

David Harrison ~ NC, USA

Margaret McElroy - Service to Mankind - What a privilege it is to know you and to have spent time with you during your time on the earth plane. Margaret came into my life as well as my family’s life in 1997-98. As I was on the computer researching spiritual [...]

Deborah Fruchey ~ CA, USA

Gifts Past Price I first met Margaret McElroy in July of 2007. My husband Robert and I had been listening to her Sixth Sense Radio Show for over two years by that time. I was not sure I believed in channeling, but Maitreya's philosophy was loving and non-intrusive, which gave [...]

Deidre Walton ~ New Zealand

Margaret became my teacher in early 2005, but before that she and I were friends who would have coffee together, chat about all sorts of things and spend time together just enjoying our friendship. When we first met I was just drifting, unable to find any focus in my life [...]

Dennis Dossett ~ WA, USA

The Torch Is Passed For many of us, Margaret McElroy was a major port of call on our respective life journeys. We looked to her for wisdom, guidance, healing, teaching, upliftment, encouragement, and consolation, and always for her friendship and love. With Margaret’s passing we have left behind that port [...]

Frances Verbeek ~ United Kingdom

Margaret changed & fueled my life. I attended her series of 3 channeled metaphysics retreats with Maitreya, between the age of 19 - 24 years old - the perfect time to shape my life ahead. My brother did the retreats first & he came back a changed man, so my [...]

Frankie Winstersteen ~ WA, USA

The pivotal moment of my life was getting a divorce. Feeling incomplete and angry that I had just wasted 16 years of life, but actually finding some part of me again. It was like I walked into a room to find someone that I had never met before. As soon [...]

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