The website and Maitreya Wisdom Youtube channel is the home of all the channeled teachings of Maitreya through Margaret McElroy. (Click this link to download at no-charge all the Maitreya writings in eBook format. Click here to download for free mp3 audio format of 21 selected Maitreya writings.) The website was created as a forum for Maitreya to bring his teachings of Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow to the world. Margaret passed to the world of spirit as she called it on July 13th, 2016. Maitreya’s message lives on through this website and her husband, Alan McElroy, her personal assistant Jean Luo, her valued associate Dennis Dossett, and all the Maitreya students and supporters who continue to utilize the timeless knowledge and wisdom he brought forward to assist them to make sense of their daily lives. Korinne Gang and Ratna Colluru continue their duties of managing Margaret and Maitreya’s Facebook pages and the website.

The purpose of this website is to educate, inform, uplift and inspire each soul on their life journey. This website shares the writings and videos from Maitreya, and it also continues as a hub to connect with his teachings through personal guidance and workshops. Take your time to peruse the Essences section, as that is the best place to gain a full understanding of what Maitreya’s message is all about. Maitreya’s message is a simple one. You are here to become the Master of your own life. The statement may sound easy, but the road to achieve it is not always smooth. Your first step is education and that is the purpose of

Jean and Alan continue to do personal and on-line teaching to assist people on their individual soul journey. Sign up for the Team Maitreya newsletter in our Subscribe section, and receive personal insight from Team Maitreya as they share their journey through their monthly articles. They, like you are souls on a journey, you may be surprised how similar their journey is to yours. To connect with like minded souls visit the Matreya Worldwide Network.

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