Affirmation: “I accept all the choices that I have made in my life, including the mistakes. They are all part of my learning experiences and soul growth.”

We are all souls on the journey of soul evolution. Life is a school, each of us are the students in the school of life. We are here to learn and to grow in spirit. Life is filled with opportunities and possibilities, created for our souls’ Earthly learning. Through these experiences, we grow spiritually. Each one of us is born with a life plan, a map. This map is our astrological natal chart, and it can take each of us in many possible directions. How we fulfill the possibilities of our life plan is our choice.

Why do we have choice? We have choice because we have been given the gift of free will. It is through the choices we make that our life lessons are fulfilled, and great opportunities for our soul growth take place. During our life journey, we are placed in situations that require us to make choices as we face our chosen life lessons. These choices provide us the opportunities to learn as part of our life journey. Throughout life, we will learn many things we would not learn while we are in the comfort zone of our old ways. We must remember, we are responsible for our own life. We have the choice to create our own life the way we want it. We are the sculptor; choice is our chisel.

However, none of us is immune from making mistakes or “wrong” choices that do not correspond to our life plan. When this happens, we often tend to beat ourselves up through feelings of regret, guilt, shame, failure, etc. As a result, fear steps in and stops us from making change and making choices again. Therefore, we should always remind ourselves that each experience allows us to grow and to step out of fear, no matter whether we have made a “good” choice or “bad” choice, once we make the choice, we cannot go back and change it, and we cannot hold onto regret or remorse. Doing so stops us from moving forward and creates unnecessarily suffering and misery. Thus, we need to take full responsibility for our choices and mistakes, accept all the choices we make as part of our learning experiences. We should not feel shame for making a “wrong” choice, or making a mistake. As long as we can learn from it, we can still achieve soul growth through the experience. The mistake we made is often the catalyst for us to make radical change and transformation, we can gain so much soul growth from the experience.

This affirmation of accepting the choices we make is designed to assist you to have total acceptance of the choices and mistakes you make in the course of life, the more you open yourself to acceptance, the more you can embrace it as part of your learning and growing experience, and move forward.

By saying the affirmation, you start to work on acceptance. You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you want. The more you say it, the more positive change you can manifest in your life.

We sincerely hope that you can benefit from this affirmation. Please feel free to give us feedback or share your experience with us.