Affirmation for Gratitude:

Affirmation: “No matter how much hardship and difficulties I face, I am grateful to Everyone and Everything in my life.”

Our human life on the Earth plane is created or designed by us at the soul level before we were born. The only purpose for our existence on the Earth Plane is to attain soul growth and expand consciousness through the life experiences we have chosen. At times, the lessons or the experiences seem to become very hard when the karma, past life issues and past life energy are all intertwined into everyday life. Often it is at this stage, we are easily wrapped in “negativity” – complaining, blaming, self-pity, fear and anger because the Self part of us is in control. When the Self controls us, we can hardly see through the situation of happenings and see the positive side of life. It seems impossible to feel gratitude or appreciation towards anything. Unfortunately, when we are in such a state of emotional flux and negativity, we only make ourselves, and our life more complicated, difficult, and harder, and we are ultimately the ones who slow down our learning process. We are our own worst enemy, but we do not realize it while we are bitching and moaning about. On the other hand, if we can face our fear and insecurity, and allow ourselves to go through the process of releasing the emotion without repressing it, and learn to detach from it, we will be able to go through it much faster and easier, and we will learn and grow enormously from it. At the end, we will be so genuinely grateful for what we have gone through.

This affirmation of gratitude is designed to assist each of us to cultivate gratitude and appreciation as it is one of the key attributes of opening our heart to unconditional love and compassion. By saying the affirmation, each of us can start the process of giving thanks to whatever happens in our life, and whoever is in our life, it not only enables us to open heart to love, but also to become a great soul. You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you want. The more you say it, the more positive change you can manifest in your life.

When you can let go of your hate for all those who have hurt you and replace this with thanks and love for the opportunities, they have given you to grow and learn, then you become such a great soul.~ from Maitreya Quotes App

We sincerely hope that you can benefit from this affirmation. Please feel free to give us feedback or share your experience with us. Thank you!