Team Maitreya Newsletters are written by individuals that have studied with Margaret and Maitreya at various times on their journey of life. They freely share their experiences in the chance that those who choose to read these stories may be helped or touched in some way. What is shared is the knowledge gained from their travels and experiences through life and while Maitreya appreciates their contribution to the website, their views, experiences and stories are their own, not Maitreya’s.

How to Fulfill Our Own Chosen Destiny

How to Fulfill Our Own Chosen Destiny by Jean Luo We are all travelers on the journey of life. From the moment that we were born, we started our earthly life journey. As a traveler, each of us has chosen our own unique destiny. We have our own dreams and goals. Because the journey [...]

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MAY…  The new year message for 2024 from Team Maitreya was this: “Happy New Year, everyone! May you make 2024 YOUR year, where not only you find out about yourself, but also you truly appreciate who you are and be proud of who you are!” A beautiful affirmation! We are now a third of [...]

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