1) Never give up on yourself. You are, and always will be, the most important person in your life, for your life would not exist without you!

2) You are capable of anything. In order to attain any accomplishment, you must believe that you are worthy of achieving it! Everything in your life can assist you in some way, but if you focus on the have-nots, then you will always be wanting for more.

3) Shift your focus onto your innate worthiness. Worthiness does not have to be achieved or bestowed upon you; your worthiness is already there, because it is an integral part of life. Once you realize that you always have been worthy of great things, you can truly begin to open up to your ability to create great things in your life.

4) Discover what you are inspired to do. Anything that inspires you is your key to uncovering your life path. Find that key, turn that key, and see what awaits behind the door.

5) Form your own unique path. Your life does not need to be a reflection of any other person’s journey. YOU are uniquely talented and beautiful; let your uniqueness guide you to your purpose.

6) Be patient. Impatience is only a manifestation of living in the future. However, when you are living in the now moment, you create your future. Patience is about trust: trusting in you, trusting in the process of life, and trusting in Divine inspiration.

7) Share your joy with others. Do not let your expectations of others’ opinions prevent you from opening up about your happiness. If you feel joy in your life, share it. It only can grow bigger!

8) Expand your perceptions. What you can achieve is only limited by what you think you can achieve. If you take guided action in your life every day, you will not only be able to live a life of your own making, but also you will open up to even more possibilities.

9) Live with love. Love is understanding others for who they are, and allowing others to see the real you. Unconditional love is the source of personal power and authenticity. When you are aligned with a state of love, nothing can stand in your way.

10) Listen to your intuition. It will always show you what to do next. The more you trust in your inner voice, the more wonderful synchronicities you will experience. The more you listen, the more messages you will receive.

11) Treat yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Find fun ways to give yourself gifts of time, love, healing, relaxation, fun and happiness.

12) Say “Thank you.” Be thankful for your home, your loved ones, your health, your bank account, etc. When you view your life with gratitude, you attract more to be grateful for.

13) Be authentic. Many have a fear of acknowledging how they truly feel. Learn to accept your emotions and feelings unconditionally, for this acceptance is the pathway to releasing them for good.

14) Never step learning. The moment you decide that you are done, the Universe will always show you that you have so much more to learn!