20 Years Ago

In March of 2004, I went to Mt. Tamborine in Australia to do a 6-day Master of Metaphysics course with an English Medium/Channel. Her name was Margaret Birkin, and she was channeling an energy she knew as Maitreya. I had come across her website, maitreya-edu.org (now Maitreya.co)  where she posted the audio channelings and also the newsletters this energy channeled. It was quite an experience hearing about “The Game of life of Life” and how to become “Your Own Master” in the game from Margaret and Maitreya as the 6-days unfolded.

It was a unique experience sitting in a room with a lady that was with us one instant and them a male voice with a different posture was talking to us in a blink of an eye. It was a life changing event for me, as the English Medium became my wife and we traveled the world allowing him to channel his message of “Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow.”

His simple message was, 1) Why are You here for this incarnation? And 2) Who are you really? The simple answers are, 1a) To release Past Life Energy through Paying and Receiving Karma as your Life Lessons unfold while the Universe puts you in situations to Face Your Fears. 2a) Understand who you really are through your astrology; Where are your attributes, your challenges, main life lesson, deepest wound, and where will you transform yourself? The journey of soul evolution is not easy, but with some understanding of the rules of the game, and  how it all unfolds through your everyday life, it can give you some perspective when events and situations unfold that can test you to your limits. There were so many times when Margaret would be struggling, and you’d hear say, I understand now, I’ve just looked at my astrological transits, the energy was there for exactly what is transpiring. Ironically, the day we took her to the hospital, if we had looked closely at her transits, we would have realized there was a strong possibility that she wouldn’t come home. Jean echoed what I often heard from Margaret; it was all there!

So, on this 20-year anniversary of the start of my journey with Margaret and Maitreya, I’d like to remind you of all the wisdom and knowledge contained on the Maitreya website that will assist you on your journey of soul evolution. When I started my journey with Maitreya, he had channeled about 100 newsletters, when Margaret passed, the number was 411. I narrated 21 newsletters that I felt were the core-themes of Maitreya’s teachings, click here for a free download. Below is also more educational information.

Maitreya stressed, education is the key, here is a link to Maitreya Teaching Videos to assist you.  For more videos, view the Playlists on the Maitreya Wisdom You Tube Channel or for a free download of the Maitreya Wisdom Card App  or Maitreya Quotes App, follow the links. Visit the Maitreya.co website to learn more about becoming your own Master.

Have a great month,