2022 – Intend to be Open!

It’s a new year, 2022, and it seems that the change to something new is more welcome than usual this year. 2021 held so many challenges that it became difficult to remember that challenges also bring opportunity and growth. For me, events happened so quickly and out of my control that I didn’t have time to think about the why, which was a good thing. I’ve again learned to go with the flow and if the reason is important for my growth it will appear.

As we move into 2022, don’t be drawn into the old concept of making resolutions and setting strict goals. Most often these become onerous and set us up for disappointment. Instead, set intentions, and do so realizing that these are not set in stone for there must always be room for change, growth, and expansion.

With a new moon in Capricorn on January 2, this is the perfect time to set intentions. Astrologically, there is energy available for being open to a higher vision; go to personal depths to realize your beliefs, and find ways to bring these into this world. Make your intentions deeply meaningful for you, and flexible. Be open and simplify. For example, instead of resolving to make a million dollars this year, make the intention to manifest money to meet your needs. It’s fine to be specific with those needs, if you wish, but don’t set them in stone. Instead of resolving to lose 30 pounds, intend to be more mindful of what your body needs and find ways to provide that.  It also helps to say “this and more” at the end of your intention, as it leaves you open to options that will appear as you listen to your inner wisdom, and to what the Universe may provide. It leaves you open to more, and open to sharing.

The Master Maitreya poses this question: “”Do you realize you have the power to create positive or negative energy on the earth plane with your words?” Start the new year with the positive words of intentions that show love and care for yourself, and bring balance to your life. The energy will extend naturally to the world beyond.”Once you find the love for yourself, then and only then can you give love to all who need it and truly experience it yourself unconditionally.” ~ Maitreya

©Linda Zeppa

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