2022, Seize the Opportunities

Wow, here we are starting our adventures to the 2022 Opportunities the Universe is going to present to us. As usual we have a lot of astrological energy fueling dramatic changes in the world around us. Structures, societal norms, and conditioning that we have lived with our whole lives are being exposed as outdated and limiting to humanity’s ability to change and evolve. Whether these norms have helped us feel secure, or created a trap for us, doesn’t matter, what’s important is that the Universe is breaking down these structures to trigger emotions within us that need releasing. What an opportunity we have being handed to us on a plate. Will we have the courage to pick up the knife and fork and embrace the change? The choice is ours to make!

As emotions of frustration, fear, or even anger come to the surface, it is important to try and connect to the energy and evaluate the feelings and reasons behind your reactions. Try to seize the opportunities of upheaval in 2022 and ask the questions of why am I reacting to the energy of the situation or circumstances? What is it I should be learning from this experience? Try and be thankful as crazy energy and thoughts come to the surface within you that will allow you an opportunity to release and move forward with your soul evolution. Try to turn every emotional moment into an opportunity of learning. If you can embrace the energy you are feeling, freeze it in time, twirl it in your mind, distance yourself from the emotions of the moment, and then peer into the depths of your being and find the root of the emotion. Remember the answer involves the image in the mirror staring back at you. If you can do this, it will add context to the energy and allow you to view the bigger picture of life. It will allow you to see the energy as an integral part of your soul journey of learning through your experiences in this incarnation. You might find that as painful as the action was from your difficult mother, father, sister, or brother, they were just trying to show you something within yourself that you need grow from. It is time to let go and replace that stagnate energy with positive vibrational energy from the Universe.

In the end, we’ve all been around the circle of life so many times that all scenarios of learning are linked to trapped past life energy just waiting for the right trigger. Embrace 2022 and its opportunities. Let the Love of the Venus energy emanate inwardly and outwardly, and embrace your Chiron, it is time to release your deepest wound and heal.

Remember, in the game of life, all energy in some way links back to Past Lives. Here is a Maitreya quote and Wisdom card relating to Past Lives. For a free download of the Maitreya Quotes and Wisdom Card apps, click the link and get your daily reminder of Maitreya’s Wisdom.

Maitreya Quote“Each of you is a very special soul working out your life lessons and past life lessons.”


“Life is a continuation of soul evolution. The soul chooses to learn specific lessons to work out their karmic debt in each incarnation in order to attain their own soul

growth. Each soul chooses what they learn, how they learn and when they learn. It is the individual soul’s choice. Every soul on the Earth plane has been here before, and some will be here again in their future incarnations. Through each incarnation, the soul is working on raising their vibrational state, attaining higher consciousness, and eventually completing the cycle of incarnation on the Earth plane. Have you ever not liked someone whom you never met before? Are you afraid of going to certain places without knowing why? Do you have any habits, fears, likes, or dislikes that you could not help having, but do not know where they come from? Do you have a secret longing to visit a foreign country or a particular place? Do you repeat a phase over and over? Have you ever had strong romantic or emotional feelings for someone whom you never met before? If you have ever had any of these feelings, then you have experienced the power of past lives. There can be many signs of past life experiences, discover yours by being more aware, listening to the words you say, and watching where you do not want to go, and with whom you do not want to be. Do not be concerned if you begin to have feelings for someone in a romantic sense. This can often be very fearful, especially if you are in a relationship already. This experience is usually just an energy, which when it has been recognized, disappears. More than anything, allow the experiences to happen, do not run away from them. Face your fears, say what you feel you would like to say with tact and diplomacy, and speak your truth quietly and clearly. Understanding your past lives allows you to release the past life energy which has been buried in your subconscious memory. The subconscious mind is where all memories from past lives, and this lifetime, are stored. It is this vehicle the Self uses to stop you from making changes and moving forward. Every incarnation you have ever had is in your soul memory. If you have experienced a past life with trauma, sadness, grief, or other emotion and have not released this energy, then it is in your subconscious. All unused energy stays within the physical body and in the soul memory. If it is not expressed, it becomes a problem, not only in this life, but also often in many incarnations to come. When the energy has not been cleared, it stays in the body until it is cleared in a future lifetime. 85% of your current life is spent in past life memory. It is your past life energy that creates fear, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, anger, unhappiness, dis-ease and other “negative” emotions in your life. Yet, you may not be aware of the power your past lives hold over you at all. In your current life, you are working at releasing old energy. You have chosen to deal with your past life issues, in order to free yourself from them, and to move forward in this life. This can mean letting go of someone who has been in your life for some time. This may also manifest as anger, fear, and health problems. This energy has been within you for many incarnations, and each soul will choose the appropriate time to release it. You are the one who created these issues and energy within you. You are the one who did not deal with the emotion in a previous incarnation, and because it is now stagnant energy, it has to remain there until you choose to remove it from your being. Your planetary transits can assist you in this release process. As you work through and deal with your experiences, you become lighter in energy, more able to manifest your needs, and free from many problems you have in your life. The Universe has shown you this card today because it is time to look at how past life energy is holding you back. Do not run away from any issues. Face the issue and allow the energy to come to the surface to be released. Once the issue is faced, then you can move on. However, this process may not be easy, as you are letting go of something that has been deep within you for a very long time. What are you holding inside of you from your past lives? What is stopping you from moving forward? You would be very surprised at what you hold onto from your past life memories!”

Embrace the change and love that 2022 has in store for you!