A Clearer Picture of Judgement
By Laura Elliott

As I’ve been channeling the book the Angels are writing, I’ve been hearing things that I’ve heard them telling people over and over again during readings, and some information and explanations that I haven’t heard before.  It’s all been pretty fantastic stuff!  One of the things they explain is the importance of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Non-Judgement in our Ascension process, and in one section discuss why you must have all three to be living any one of them.

Think about it, if you are Judging yourself or others, then you are not giving Unconditional Love.  If you are withholding Forgiveness from yourself or others than you are living in Judgement of yourself or the other.  If you are unable to offer Unconditional Love, then it is because you are still making Judgements or withholding Forgiveness.  Do you see?  You must have all three to have any one of them, and the goal they are requiring of us is to use the Awareness they are giving us to exist in all three at the same time.  They do let us know this will take practice since we are used to placing conditions on our Love, Forgiveness and Judgements.

What they are asking of us is to be Conscious of our thoughts.  This is the place to start because Awareness creates change.  Now that they are giving us the recipe to be successful and to reach our goal of Ascension and moving forward in our developmental experience, they ask that we pay attention to our thoughts.  It has become habit to place Judgements at the drop of a hat.  For instance, how often have you driven through any parking lot and judged someone for driving the wrong way down the aisle by saying “geez, they’re going the wrong way!”, or when someone parks over the line so there wasn’t enough room for you to use the parking space and you judged them stupid or inconsiderate?  Or how many times have you run for an elevator and the person didn’t hold it for you and you judged them rude?  Or someone cut in front of you in a line and you judged them selfish?  Or someone drove into your lane and almost hit your vehicle and you were angry and called them stupid?  The examples could go on forever.

I accepted their challenge to pay attention to my thoughts to see how often I made these types of judgements, and when I did, I was very surprised by how frequently this happens!  They are also emphatic on pointing out that opinions are Judgements.  You may say, “well, everyone has an opinion, how else would you make choices?”.  There is a saying about opinions that I’m sure you’re all well aware of, and it’s pretty accurate.  That’s why the Angels are making us aware that opinions are Judgements but that we can choose not to have them.  We don’t need an opinion to make choices if we are living from our Heart Center and in constant contact with our True Selves, our Higher Selves, who provides answers to our questions and helps us make decisions.

The term “opinion” has slipped under the radar and, like many other things, has become acceptable and “normal”, even expected.  Now that you are Aware that an opinion is a Judgement you can see where having an opinion causes you to place Judgements on yourselves and others under the guise of being something that’s okay.  But if you are having opinions, or even the smallest of Judgements about someone you may only cross paths with briefly like in a parking lot or elevator, then you are denying yourself your true potential to return to your natural state of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Non-Judgement.  Yes!  This is our natural state!  And this is what the Angels are guiding us to return to.

The Archangels are asking me to offer you a challenge.  As I did, pay attention everyday to any thoughts you have in response to the things going on around you.  This means in regard to others, such as in stores, or parking lots, or even when you’re watching things on TV.  How often do we talk to the TV and tell the person on the show they’re stupid or doing something wrong, but even that makes a difference the Angels say.  We are shooting for zero Judgement in any and all circumstances every day.  This also requires us to pay attention to thoughts in regard to ourselves, because we tend to have so many little thoughts everyday where we judge ourselves not worthy, or stupid, or not perfect enough.  They are challenging us to stop these Judgements of ourselves, not just of others.

You may say “this sounds like a BIG ask!”, and indeed it may seem that way.  But again, we cannot achieve one without achieving all three.  They are instructing us to take each step one at a time, and for the next month they are asking for you to focus on the lesson of not making Judgements.  Do not think too far ahead and do not think of past events, focus on the now.  Make the change now, one thought at a time.  All you have to do is take each thought as it comes, if it is a Judgement of yourself or another recognize that and let it go.  Eventually it won’t be so much work, you will just naturally stop the judging thoughts as naturally as you are making them now.  They really want you to understand that even the smallest of Judgements is still a Judgement, the size of the Judgement doesn’t matter.  No matter how small or large it is just as harmful, to you.

I hope your month goes well, and if you have any questions about the Angels “assignment” please reach out to me.  You can find me at my website www.messagingwithangels.com, on my Facebook page @messagingwithangels, Twitter @MessagingAngels, and Instagram messaging_with_angels.