A Different Perspective Provides Learning and Gratitude.

Recently I traveled to Iceland with my husband and my 2-year old. It was my husband’s idea to visit Iceland for his photography. I wanted to make this trip happen for my husband. It is because, before we had a child, my husband did not want to be restricted in his travel and he was hesitant to have a child. I promised him that I would be flexible even if we had a baby, but at that time he was not a photographer. Now that he is a photographer, it is quite hard to manage our travel, as the places and times depend on weather, lighting and having a baby with us who needs some level of predictability in schedule. Also the photography places are usually very remote, as he likes to do landscape photography. He also wanted our daughter and me to experience nature’s beauty with him.

For our Iceland trip we found that a motor home would satisfy all of our needs. Our journey began and after 4 days living in motor home, I just wanted to go back home. I got very tired of not being able to sleep because he needed to drive to other remote places to capture the sunrise. I needed to cook for everyone and feed my daughter, and then we would travel again to another place to capture the sunset and then drive to the next city and have dinner. It got quite hard for my daughter to play with toys as we were on the move. She also needed to eat or drink every 2 hours, have bathroom breaks and nap time.

Even though the places we visited were so beautiful, I could not see past what my daughter and I had to go through to make this trip happen. I was frustrated at everything, and when we had incidents like the toilet is not working efficiently and other motor home maintenance issues etc., I really started to hate my trip. Then one day, I looked into Maitreya cards to find some peace. I got Maitreya Wisdom cards ‘Experience’, ‘Gratitude’. These cards simply say that it is I who chose the current experience before I was born and my husband is only an actor who cared enough to help create the situation. The Gratitude card really hit me, by showing a different perspective to look at the situation.

The next two days I tried to replace my thoughts of frustration with gratitude and thinking that it is not my husband that wants this trip, but actually I chose it for my highest good. I started to enjoy my trip day by day and I discussed each day with my husband and we planned it accordingly. Soon the day came when we have to return, but after coming home all the comfort I thought I had at home didn’t seem to be feel comfortable any more. I wanted to go back to the motor home again and cook in front of those waterfalls and snowcapped mountains. It felt like there was very little oxygen to breathe at home. I realized that in Iceland I was living in the now-moment by just staring at the beauty in front of me, where as at home sitting still for a moment itself seemed like a lot of work, and far from being in the now-moment. 2 weeks after the trip, I feel like the sounds and images I saw in Iceland still help me to easily come to peace and be still. I feel lucky to have had such a learning experience.

The Universe always provided all the things that my daughter and I needed just in time. In Iceland when we were out of milk and were stuck in bad weather we were still able to get milk with someone’s help, and there so many more experiences to be thankful for.