A Journey Within Me
by Sreepallavi Thota

An inspiration could start you on a journey, quietly removing the veils of belief systems, dogmas, misunderstandings, and attachments. As Maitreya plants seed in our search to know ourselves, its enchanting, heart aching, adventurous, wetted with many Aha moments. Have you ever thought that a love seed can be sown deep within us with a Maitreya’s daily thought for the day? As this seed grows into knowing yourself of who you really are, opening deep lotus with fragrant petals of soul, silently we thank life and that love seed from the Master. As we cleanse, more subtle adventures from the Ego self, start to arise at a sneaky and quite surprising pace. Facing them is where I am at, at this time. This illusive mind massage due to Ego confrontation with higher mind, is interesting indeed. The landscape of this battle has just you and Ego, it seems like the dark night of the soul. As we conquer one fight, we get stronger for the next. The love that I experienced when I showed up for each one of these fights is indescribably sweet from the higher self. All is worth it at the end. It’s freedom from wasting energy unnecessarily. Creativity such as arts assist to erode or penetrate the protective shell the ego has built and opens us up to say, ‘this is my story’. Don’t be overwhelmed when the stories from the past strongly rush to surface. You are protected. It is the very journey we yearned to go through. Fasten your seat belt and watch yourself go through life’s lessons in awareness of your higher self, try your best. As much subtle Ego can work its manipulation against you, intuition helps ahead of time to move away from stumbling blocks and gradually faith establishes itself. Ego could come as unworthiness, depression, aggressive nature, mistrust etc. and try to take all the tools and help Spirit provided us. Awareness of Ego’s tactics, its patterns helped me. An Astrology reading with Jean has been an amazing blessing, and an EFT class from Dennis Dossett has been an invaluable tool for emergency emotion release.

All is well, Spirit is home within us, it breathes and beats our hearts!!

Happy September. 😊