A Letter to All Lightworkers

Dear All Lightworkers (including closet Lightworkers),

We are at a time where your Light is very much needed in our current world. We are going through a Shift where much grey is coming to the surface and there is a lot of unrest because humanity is still at loss. The Battle that is on-going as the collective consciousness shifts towards the Light is a battle between Dark & Light. As I have mentioned before, darkness has to be displaced by Light. In this process, shades of grey will appear. Souls who are unable to take it may take their exits from Earth. A lot of confusion loom as well as a wave of unrest spreads all over the world.

There are many Lightworkers in this Group, some already awakened, some just came out of the closets and there are those who are still in the closets. Lightworkers are souls who agreed to come to Earth to help humanity by spreading the Light. This contract is made before the soul is even born and is in the Birth Plan. A Lightworker is usually an old soul, a soul who has lived on Earth for many incarnations. Hence, an old soul is one who has awakened and has spiritual knowledge or maturity to help humanity. One will know one’s life purpose through past life regression, astrology or connection to the Source/God. A Lightworker is likened to a Lighthouse, both emitting a beacon of Light as guidance, the former guides souls while the latter guides ship to safety.

As I have mentioned in my past posts that Darkness cannot be in hiding anymore as more and more Truths are exposed and will be exposed. We have already past the marker where Light has won and we are moving towards a higher Consciousness. I also mentioned in the past that although it may seemed that we are bombarded with dark news everyday doesn’t mean that the world is becoming worse. A lot of the Darkness happened under our very noses in the “Old” Energy. Take a look at documentaries on Netflix. It is flooded with exposures of scandals, frauds, sexual abuse, etc… Eg. The College Admission Scandal, Bikram, Theranos, etc….to name a few. Empires that were worth billions collapsed, and those dark players are exposed publicly. Who would have thought that those powerful dark players will be brought to their knees in the “Old” energy? But in the “NEW” Energy, all Darkness will eventually be exposed. Next will be the big corporations especially big pharmaceutical giants that generate billions of revenue annually at the expense of patients. The Health Industries (not HealthCare) in the USA will collapse in the future when more Lightworkers who are Medical Intuitives reclaim their spiritual gifts. There is already one Medical Intuitive in my class (you know who you are) and more will come forward in the future.

Some of you may say “but I don’t have a spiritual gift/ability”.

May I say that Darkness is not very smart. While Light knows everything about Darkness, the Dark doesn’t know what is in the Light. Plus, Light is active whereas Dark is not. Darkness is merely a condition/ situation without Light. Hence, Light can destroy Darkness easily just by being present. On the other hand, Darkness cannot destroy Light. Perhaps for this reason, Lightworkers are sent to all parts, nooks and corners of the world because you just need One Light, no matter how small to destroy Darkness. We do not need to outnumber Darkness, we just need our presence. There will be no “sitting on the fence” in the “New” Energy. If you do not want to reclaim your birthright or rightful path, the Universe will impose on you. Personally, I feel it would be much easier to accept it gracefully.

So Lightworkers, why not shine your Beacons, bright and steady no matter where you are . Your presence and Light matter, no matter how small the Light is!

I leave you in Peace and Love.

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