A Lotus Flower Through The Mud

Sticks and stones may break our bones but words and opinions cannot hurt us — unless we give them the power to.

What others think or say about us is entirely their freedom of choice.

To feel hurt is a surest sign that we have been seeking approval from others and letting our self-worth depend on their approval rating of us.

To retaliate and judge them in return – and say it is about them, not us – is to become an accomplice of the same judgmental vibration that is hurting us.

And to deny our hurt and pain is to miss out on what the universe is mirroring for us that we have hitherto been unable or unwilling to see.

So, what could the universe be mirroring us?

It is telling us to stop being controlling and stop dictating to others what they should think or feel.

It is telling us not to let our self-worth depend on the words and opinions of others, particularly when they do not love or like us, and they have every right not to love or like us.

It is telling us not to judge ourselves for all judgment are essentially self-judgment and others cannot succeed in judging and hurting us if we do not judge ourselves.

It is also reminding us not to judge others for we mustn’t do to others what we do not want ourselves.

But most of all, it is telling us if we could see that everything is divine — including even negative words and opinions and the painful emotions they might evoke in us, we would then be able to let go of our prejudice and negative perception and heal from our negative experiences.

It is also telling us if we could see that everything is one, we would not be so calculative as to who is judging who and who has hurt who.

And if we could see both divinity and oneness in all, we would be able to feel the universal love that is our real identity.

Indeed in negative experiences do we find some of the best fodders for spiritual growth and catalysts for self-realization.

In fact, in this earth plane of polarity not at all short of negativity, how else do we grow and bloom an open heart if not like a lotus flower through the mud.