The year of 2016 is a number 9-year, a year of completion and endings. Whenever there is an energy of ending and completion, it always brings change; often the change that happens during such a period of time is sudden, drastic and inevitable. It breaks down the status quo, forces us to move out of our comfort zone and to move forward into new experiences. This is what exactly happened in my own life, along with those whom I have been very close to these past few years.

There were a lot of happenings I experienced with Margaret, Alan, Korinne and Ratna in 2016 that led to the ending of a journey we started in 2012, which ironically was when I entered my second Saturn Return. We abruptly ended our three month stay in Australia as 2016 began when a past life situation was suddenly and unexpectedly resolved. We then moved back to Hyderabad, India and stayed there for 5 months. We had planned to leave India only for a few days to fulfill the requirements of our India Visa, but the Universe precipitously closed the India door and we were led back Seattle, WA where we had began this last journey in January 2013. The decision to return to Seattle surprised us, but at the same time it was as if the Universe was waiting for us to reach this point in time. Once the decision of coming back Seattle was made, the door to making it happen opened wide and everything fell into place smoothly and succinctly. The transition was indeed magical. Within two weeks, we were completely settled down in our new home at Renton, WA; we went from nothing to all settled effortlessly.

However, just when we were so ready and so looking forward to having a new beginning, Margaret left us and went back home to the world of Spirit. It was suddenly and without warning. Her sudden and unexpected passing left us in shock, because none of us were prepared for this outcome. We have been grieving her loss for the past 5 months. With her sudden passing, my 13-year apprentice of metaphysical learning with her and Maitreya came to an abrupt end. Since I started the metaphysical path, Margaret/Maitreya have been my security blanket, but, in an instant, it was pulled out from under me. All the sudden, my comfort zone was gone. So much fear, insecurity, guilt and doubt, as well as other emotions have been coming to the surface to be dealt with since her passing and I am sure there will be more to come. But, with the knowledge I gained from them, I know I have to face the challenges and obstacles this unexpected change has created for me; I accept it as part of my learning.

Here comes the beginning of 2017. The year 2017 is a number 1-year, representing a new beginning of a new 9-year cycle. What am I going to do with the energy of this new beginning? I feel that 2017 will be a new beginning for me to practice all I have learned from Margaret/Maitreya during this past 13-years. First of all, I will have to continually face my fear, insecurity, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. I will deal with them one by one. I will focus on learning my own life lessons, and work on manifesting abundance in my life. I will continue to do astrological readings, past life regressions and energy healing services to assist Spirit and humanity. I will pay more attention to my own thoughts, intentions and subconscious mind and fight my Self and self-sabotage. I will continue to strive to learn to trust Spirit and the Universe, with the understanding and faith that everything will be fine. I will also create my own website where I can share my own life experiences and stories on my life journey with others.