Mankind has reached the time and space that the universe through Chiron and with the aid of the Photon energy is assisting each human soul to evolve from the Self to the Higher Self to enable the soul to break the cycle of reincarnation. It is our choice whether we want to take this incredible opportunity to evolve beyond the earthly incarnation or not. One of the critical steps on this evolutionary process is healing our deepest Chiron wound.

Chiron is an asteroid, discovered in 1977. Although it is not a planet, it plays a very important role in the evolution of mankind. It is being assisted by the Photon energy to raise the vibration and consciousness of mankind. The Photon energy is accelerating time to push mankind into letting go of the past and living in the NOW; Chiron holds the key to assist humanity to heal the deepest wound within themselves and let go of their victim mentality. This will allow each soul to break free of the animal survival mode energy that resides within our subconscious mind and that permeates our soul memory. This a critical step in soul evolution from our lower Self to the Higher Self. Chiron’s appearance of half horse and half man symbolizes this transformation.

The position of Chiron in the Sky is very unique due to its orbit of the Sun being between Saturn and Uranus. In astrology, Saturn is the furthest planet from the Sun that is connected to the material and physical Earth in our universe. Saturn is the discipliner, strict teacher, reality tester and lord of karma; representing father figures, authority, limitations, restriction, and the past. On the contrary, Uranus is the God of the sky and the heavens, a planet of change, originality and individuality. It is a very spiritual planet, representing the future, and carries the transformative energy to break free from earthly limitations by bringing sudden and unexpected change. Chiron is the linkage between Saturn and Uranus, revealing how we can integrate the Saturn themes (structure, physical matter, limitations, restrictions) with the Uranus themes (spiritual, metaphysical, liberation, higher consciousness). In astrology, Chiron is termed as “the rainbow bridge” to unite the limitations and restrictions of our upbringing represented by Saturn with our true soul essence represented by Uranus.

Chiron is also called the wounded healer as it brings us a great opportunity for soul evolution from the conditioned, restricted, limited and wounded self-aspect (conditioned by our upbringing, cultural background and traditions) to who we truly are through digging deep into our deepest wound. (You can read more information about Chiron through Wikipedia on Google).

Everyone has a natal chart. It is our soul contract, road map and compass of our life on the Earth plane for this incarnation. As such, we all have Chiron in our natal chart. Each of us has chosen our unique Chiron placement in our natal chart before we were born to assist us to confront and heal our deepest wound. The sign of Chiron in our natal chart indicates the characteristics of the deep wound and how it is expressed. Understanding the zodiac sign of our Chiron can reveal our core wound in this lifetime and it holds the key to unlocking our personal power. The house that Chiron occupies in our natal chart indicates where (the area of life) our deepest wound will be experienced. The aspects between Chiron and other planets in our natal chart indicates how our Chiron wound will play out energetically and dynamically.

What is our deepest wound? How can we heal it? Chiron has the answer for these questions and holds the key for healing it. Our Chiron wound is called the deepest wound because it is anchored and rooted in deep pain from experiences during our past incarnations. In this lifetime, we have chosen to reactivate the energy. It is usually activated in relation to an early childhood experience(s) and continually grows as the energy is released throughout our adult life. The wound is deep because it is painful emotionally and psychologically, and often has a physical component. The wound is commonly connected to abandonment, rejection, betrayal, and feeling unloved. It is triggered by the actions of those we are closest to and depend on when we are in our most vulnerable state of being. For example, I have a client who remembered that her parents did not want her while she was still in her mother’s womb because she was a girl, not a boy. Her deep wound was created by her mother’s rejection of her during her pre-natal stage, which resulted in her extremely low self-esteem, feelings of no value and being unworthy.

Therefore, the Chiron wound is raw, original, deep, penetrating and lasting, and it often makes us feel and experience guilt, shame, inadequacy, lack of worth, no value, inferiority, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. It is hidden so deep within our subconscious mind that it’s not that we try to forget it, most of time we don’t even know it’s there. It is buried in our deep subconscious and exhibits a chronic nature, always lingering somewhere in the background, invisible but strong, unconscious but problematic. It is easily triggered by events and people, which make us often feel deep hurt, pain, vulnerability, and causing us to have strong emotional reactions, but we often find ourselves unable to find a solution. As such, in order to survive, we have developed different coping and defense mechanisms – hiding, avoiding, pretending, suppressing, and doing all we can to make it invisible from our consciousness. We also feel like a victim and tend to blame others for years on end. It greatly affects our self-esteem, self-confidence, our happiness, our relationships, career, health and all areas of our life no matter what we do and wherever we go. Using me as an example, my Chiron shows that my wound is connected to my father and I ran away from him at age of 17. I never wanted to be close to him, until I reached my Chiron Return at age of 48. The Universe brought him back into my life to trigger me look at our issues at the beginning of my Chiron return. Unfortunately, he passed away and I wasn’t able to directly face him to work through my Chiron issues with him while he was still alive. At times, I wished I’d had more metaphysical knowledge sooner.

However, under the impact of Photon Belt energy, running away from the Chiron wound is no longer an option. The photon energy has been working diligently to bring to the surface all that has been hidden with many things. Many of us are being exposed to various life crises and suffering from physical symptoms, emotional turmoil, mental stress, health issues, relationship difficulties and breakups, financial struggles, etc. Throughout all the crisis, we sooner or later start to search for life changing solutions. As we start, we begin our spiritual journey of searching and finding ourselves in our attempt to heal ourselves. It will prompt and lead us to look at our life and ourselves, which will bring long-buried emotions and symptoms to the surface. Chiron works closely with the Photon Belt energy to assist each soul to find the self-healing path that will bring all the fears, anger, insecurity and all other negative emotions to the surface to be cleared away. This negativity and emotions have been buried inside of each soul for many years, even many incarnations.

Chiron is called the wounded healer, because it has accepted and then overcome his beastly nature. As such, it shows us the Chiron healing path we take is through self-awareness, self-realization, eliminating victimhood mentality and taking full responsibility for ourselves. As a human soul, deep inside each of us resides a deep knowing that a part of us is divine. But each of us has been carrying the primal wound from our childhood through our early experiences with our parents, family dynamics, social, cultural and traditional conditioning and restriction, as well as material limitations, etc. The emotions created by these experiences have conditioned us into survival mode, continually playing the victim, and has prevented us from shining our inner-light and to becoming the soul we truly are. Only when we start to look at our deep buried pain and release it, can we truly begin the healing journey to make our Sun shine so that we can truly evolve from the Lower Self to the Higher self.

When I found my life path and started to work with Margaret/Maitreya and Alan as their personal assistant in 2006, the first assignment Maitreya gave me was to write about my life in China, especially my childhood experiences during the Chinese Cultural Revolution around my father. It started the process of healing my deep Chiron wound. In my natal chart, my Chiron is in the sign of Capricorn in the 2nd house, indicating my deepest wound is connecting to my father issues through my self-worth and self-value. Guess what? Since what I experienced with my father in the Chinese Cultural Revolution was so painful and scary, I repressed the deep shame I felt about my father. It caused me to leave home at the age of 17.  I never wanted to go back and did not want to have anything to do with my father or my family. But Maitreya forced me to write about my childhood experiences on 3 different occasions. He even said to me, “one should never forget one’s roots” as I prepared to go back China to visit my family for the 1st time in 15 years. I am very fortunate because it is Maitreya who led me to get into my Chiron, and who kept forcing me to dig deep into my Chiron wound. I have learned a lot and healed a lot during this healing process, and it is still on going as the healing penetrates deeper and deeper as the layers of the onion are slowly exposed. I have learned from my first-hand experience that our Chiron healing holds the key to free our soul from suffering through our earthly existence and is the catalyst in moving us into our Higher Self. Since my natal Chiron is in Trine with my mid-heaven in my natal chart, it is my heart’s desire to help those who are searching for answers to heal themselves. Chiron holds the Key!

I have been doing Chiron Healing private study for a while now. It is personal and individual, specifically designed for self-healing. If you feel the need to heal your deepest wound, the private study will be a great benefit for you. Because it is private, I can help you go deep into your wound personally and constructively to assist you attain deep healing on a soul level. You can click here to read the description about the Chiron Healing under the private study on our website ( Thank you! Chiron