Our life on the Earth Plane is nothing but an illusion. But most of us never think about our life this way because it looks and feels so ‘real’, especially when we are fully charged with the intensified emotions and intertwined interactions with those whom we call our loved ones, family members, relatives, and close friends, etc. As such, we often tend to lose ourselves in the illusion and forget our true purpose of why we are here and what we are here for.

We are all souls on a journey of soul evolution through experiencing our earthly illusionary life and existence. Every living being has a purpose in their incarnation although most people may not know theirs. You may wonder what is your life purpose? How can you know your life purpose? “Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at yourself and work through the issues which are still outstanding in your Akashic record.” – Maitreya (from Maitreya Quotes App). You can find your life purpose through your astrological natal chart which was created according to the date, time and place the moment you were born into this incarnation on the Earth Plane.

As a soul, we are all unique and different from each other. Therefore, we all have our own unique outstanding Akashic record to address, as such, each of us has our own unique life plan or soul contract to work through in this incarnation. Our life plan or soul contract with the Universe is our own astrological natal chart!

However, we often are not fully aware of it as we go through life in different phases until we reach a point of awakening at a certain stage of our life. Often it is triggered by experiencing a crisis – losing someone special, fatal accident, life threatening incident, losing a job, losing a home, having an incurable disease, enduring a relationship breakup, or something happens beyond our control or comprehension, etc. Throughout our human life, every human being will inevitably experience a crisis at a certain stage or in a certain way. Because these events or incidents are usually so sudden and unexpected, it often invokes intensive emotional reactions and a breakdown – fear, insecurity, anger, shock, trauma, anxiety, panic, confusion, depression, blaming and guilt, etc. along with mental stress and physical exhaustion. When the crisis happens to us personally or collectively, we are put in a situation that instantly dissolves our solidly constructed comfort zone into quick sand. We often experience our foundation and security of our material life turn into ruins, our familiar living conditions evaporate in an instant, accompanied by the unknown and much uncertainty. Thus, dealing with crisis is never an easy process.

The irony is that each of us has chosen to go through such crisis in our life before we were born. I know many people may disagree with this statement and don’t believe that they have chosen to go through it. Why should we? Are we stupid or crazy? Whether we believe it or not, it is a simple fact and truth that each of us has chosen the crisis to go through at a certain stage of our life. You may ask, “why?”, “Why do I choose to go through such a horrible crisis in my life? Am I insane? Why would I do that? What is the purpose?”, etc. The list of questions can go on and on, and all our reactions to the crisis are meant to happen, because we are human! When we are questioning, we begin to search – why, how, what, who?

The purpose of crisis in our lives is to awaken our soul and to align our life with our soul’s chosen purpose, and to make radical change so that we can live our lives according to our own life plan. Crisis often acts as a wakening call to our soul and we are forced to look at ourselves and to examine the way we live our life with honesty. We often are pushed let go of outgrown relationships, jobs, living conditions, this forces us to make necessary changes so that we can align with our life purpose and destiny.

Any crisis in our lives, no matter whether it is personal or collective, all coincide with the planetary movements in the Universe; especially solar and lunar eclipses, our Saturn and Chiron returns, challenging aspects between or among planets in our natal chart. When any of the transiting planets has direct interaction with the planets in our natal chart through conjunction, square or opposition, it will create certain crisis in that area of our life. However, the purpose of crisis is not for the sake of creating destruction, or to make us miserable and cause us to suffer; it is to help us align with our soul’s purpose and integrate, unify and heal ourselves at the soul level. Unfortunately, it is never easy to make change, to let go, rebuild, and reconstruct our life when we are in the comfort zone and when we have become so used to the conditioning and belief system we are accustomed to. As such, something drastically needs to happen that will act as a catalyst to push us to move forward towards our soul evolutionary path. The Universe is the executor, the energies of planetary movements are the triggers, nature is the catalyst and people in our life – family members, close friends, authority figures, colleagues, neighbors and even strangers, are the players to assist us to make radical change through the crisis. It can be karma, past life issues, or major life lessons we have chosen to deal with in this incarnation, or it can simply mean that we need to move on because we have outgrown the people, environment, or a situation relating to our soul growth. No matter what it maybe, it is an awakening call and turning point to our life purpose and destiny. When this happens, it’s as if the Universe is telling us, “ah, you are now finally listening!”

Dealing with crisis is never an easy process. Yes, it creates great disruption, it invokes incredible fear and insecurity, and no human being is immune from its disruption and disturbance when experiencing it. However, it is nothing but an illusion. Once we understand its purpose in our life, we should not be scared by its disguise. Instead, face it and embrace it; release and let go of all the emotions you are feeling and allow the repressed energy to come to the surface. The situation is merely an awakening call, look at our relationships and our lives honestly and truthfully, and look at ourselves from our heart, and follow our true passion to make necessary change. Have total faith, trust and patience, and let the Universe lead and guide us step by step along the way. The less we resist it, the easier the process will be; the sooner we embrace it, the faster we go through it. Remember, it is only there for our learning and soul growth. What we have lost, we will regain one day. Nothing is truly lost because it is all an illusion. One day when we look back, we will be so happy and proud of ourselves for taking the leap through the crisis because we became more in tune with our soul; we will be much happier and free, and we will be deeply and truly grateful for the blessings the crisis has brought to us.

I say this is from my own life experiences. I have gone through several crisis throughout my life, the Universe has forced me to find my true purpose and destiny; it has shaped me to be a better soul; it is still pushing me to go through change and transformation, and it will continue this until the time I return home to Spirit. If you wish to know about my life journey and life experiences, you are welcome to read my book, “My Journey to Superconsciousness: book 1, the Beginning, and book 2, Awakening. Thank you!