A Perspective on Seasons
By Sree Pallavi Thota

When I first came to the USA many years ago, it was in the middle of winter. It was such a contrast from India and quite a shock when I saw huge trees with no leaves or no flowers. Back in India, when I lived far from my family, I found solace in Mother Nature’s beauty, her trees and flowers, I felt there was mutual comfort in it. I was not able to connect to nature here for a few years, until I experienced how it totally renews itself. Even after that, winters were not my favorite because I missed sunny days and warmth. I used to think why is it so dark or grey all the time! I wanted the summer back.

As years passed, I wanted to have children but due to past life related trauma, some of which had already manifested as health problems I had much energy to clear before I was able to have a child. It was a time when I wanted to connect with Mother Nature. I worked through the energy with the invaluable assistance of my teachers and I was ultimately rewarded with two beautiful children. 💕 As I released each layer of the past, more layers of trauma were exposed. At one point, it took me back to a time when I had periods where I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was still a child and I happily coped with it thinking that it was from God who had created me, and I believed that God is Love. But I then experienced the shocking treatment in our culture regarding mensuration which deeply hurt me psychologically and spiritually. It triggered a release of past life energy relating to derogatory treatment from others while the feminine body renews itself in support of new life. It is not in our control! The simple fact is that life comes out of the feminine cycle, but humans have made it complicated. This has led to females feeling dirty and that they are a lesser person! There was not much education given which resulted in a traumatic experience when the period cycle began. Many years later I have become aware of the Feminine principle and its purpose to clear out old energy, and breath in new life! It doesn’t need a clock, for example, on Noah’s ark, time was determined by observing when a cow feeds its calf. I also learnt that 13 is number of the Feminine (13×28 =364days in year at one point, 28 which is the Lunar cycle/a period cycle) and there is no reason to run away from it. During our house search, I saw a newly constructed building which has no 13th floor because they skipped the number so it wouldn’t scare off prospective buyers! If I happen to park in a space marked #13, I remember to salute the Divine Mother and go on with my job. Apart from numerology, what we think is what we create as well! The Right side of our brain works with intuition, and it controls the Left side of the body which is called the feminine side. The intuition is very different from logic and it taps into information beyond one’s own memory, which is very helpful especially when we take care of our little ones and logic doesn’t always help! Also, we all have Yin and Yang pieces in our makeup, and when they are in balance, we can better understand ourselves and our highest potential. Our 7 chakras vibrate 7 colors, and I see men here wearing blue gray shades with not much color or pattern options, which is not the case in India, it might be related to conditioning here, but colors can serve us as wonderful tools to adjust our vibration! 💕

Maitreya’s wisdom video here, https://youtu.be/qAh236VVrE0 helped me a lot to clear old doubts about much of the differences I talked above, and helped me heal.

Teal Swan explains her feminine cycle in terms of seasons, https://youtu.be/HRCAvsOl8Xs. It is beautiful to talk about the female cycle in comparison with Mother Nature’s seasons. After all, each one of us is born out of the cycle and living and breathing because of it.

In seasons, especially if you like summer, it is not easy to persevere in winter, I sometimes had challenges coping, but these cycle changes make us look for something that is unchangeable, the Spirit within us, the Spirit that permeates everything imaginable. As we understand and become aware and allow ourselves to go with the flow, and as we dance with cycles of change and movement of their energy, each time we get a bit closer to who we are. Change seems to be designed for our learning experiences and assists us to become aware of ourselves as Spirit within a human body. Each time the cold winter breeze makes me shiver, I remind myself that it’s part of a life giving cycle, just like our body in general  participating in its cycles like waking and sleeping, to eat and to use the bathroom, mensuration and pregnancy in females, life and death cycles, it is a time to reach out to Spirit within to keep ourselves warm.

From one of the scriptures, The mother can introduce you to the father(Spirit), she knows the path to him and it is a beautiful pathway filled with colors, wonderful fragrances, diligently arranged with care and with beautiful flowers of love and contentment, do you hear her calling you for an embrace? She is the embodiment of Spirit. You are their offspring and their most precious possession; do you think about them? 💖

Here is another video from Medical Medium, forward to 1:12:45 to understand at a medical level the importance of being healthy and being empowered: https://youtu.be/dPXKWmIkwA4

Have a happy and healthy Holidays🌈!