A successful visiting to Iceland

by Jean Luo

Finally, Alan and I were able visit Iceland for 10 days from April 9th to April 19th before our flight vouchers expired. Three years ago, we planned to visit Iceland to hold a 5-day Master of Metaphysical Beginner Course. A month before our course began, the Covid pandemic started, and our flight was canceled. Instead of refunding our tickets, Iceland Air gave us 3-year credit that was due to expire in May of this year. Thus, Alan and I decided to have a long overdue visit to Iceland.

Our Iceland friends Birgir and Jonina made our trip so easy, especially Birgir, who organized an evening metaphysical workshop for us. Our workshop, The Game of Life and How to Play it; A Metaphysical Perspective was well received. Quite a few participants followed up with an Astrology reading with me and I gave them an in-depth natal chart reading.

The Iceland people whom we met and talked to are very Spiritually oriented (not religion). They are not only very open minded but also are very gifted psychics, healers, spiritual teachers, and creative talents; they are also eager to assist the Earth Plane change and help humanity raise its consciousness. They have shown us the light and hope.

Iceland is such a beautiful country, the energy there is so peaceful and beautiful, and the water and air are so clean. Both Alan and I thoroughly enjoyed the time there and the time we spent with our friend Jonina, and Birgir and his family.

We were so lucky to experience the Northern Lights at midnight during their rainy season. Jonina took us to see beautiful Hraunfossar Waterfall at Barnafoss. Birgir took us to see the Golden Falls and Geyser at Haukadalur Valley, and then we had one of the most natural, healthy, and delicious lunches in a tomato greenhouse restaurant. We visited our beautiful young friend Hrafnkatla and her beautiful children and spent time with our old friend Linda who flew to Reykjavík to see us.

We really had a wonderful time there. We give Iceland and all the people we met there our heartfelt gratitude. We sincerely thank Birgir for all his help to make our trip so enjoyable and successful. We thank Jonina and her friend Gísli for their hospitality, spending time with us and for giving us powerful healing.

We are planning to go back to Iceland again in October of this year for a 5-day Master of Metaphysical Beginner Course. Looking forward to seeing Iceland in the fall as we continue to share the messages from Maitreya.