A Valuable Learning Adventure

by Jean Luo

It was a late Saturday afternoon in the middle of April. I just finished the 3rd reading on that day. Alan suggested us to go to the downtown of Reykjavik to find a Chinese Restaurant for dinner. He did a google search and a few Chinese restaurants showed up. He asked me which one I’d like to go to.

Among them, there was a restaurant called “Chinese Flavour” standing out as it had the highest and the most perfect rating – 5 stars. The reviews were also very good. So, we chose it.

Google GPS directed us to the destination and said, “You have arrived”. Alan and I parked the car and looked around, there was no buildings but a empty square with only one mobile food truck. We never thought that the restaurant was a mobile food truck, so we ignored it. We walked around and couldn’t find the Chinese restaurant. We finally had to ask people who were walking by us. A man told us that he didn’t see a Chinese Restaurant, but he saw a Thai restaurant just over the corner.

As we walked in the direction he pointed at, we passed through the Square. We also couldn’t find any Asian Restaurants around! We stood in the middle of the Square, and I said to Alan, “The Google GPS fooled us!” with big disappointment! Suddenly, something kicked me within, I looked up in front of us, I saw on the top of the mobile food truck, it was a sign “Chinese Flavor” in both English and Chinese!

What?! We couldn’t believe this was the Chinese restaurant we have been trying to find?! Alan and I both couldn’t help but start laughing badly. We didn’t expect a mobile food truck to be a 5-star restaurant at all! Anyway, since we were already there, why not give it a try!

There were only a few items on the food menu, and they were all famous Chinese street food. Alan had one of them while we were in Shanghai for 2 months, we had it every Sunday morning in the local farmers markets.

We ordered that food and ate it in the car. Surprisingly, it was the most authentic and delicious Chinese street food we had in the western countries so far, even better than Alan and I had in Shanghai! No wonder it had the highest rating!

Alan and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal as it were simple, economic, and delicious! On the way back to where we stayed, we were still laughing at ourselves, how conditioned and single-minded we were! What an adventure and a valuable and enjoyable lesson we just learned! LOL