Recently I had the privilege of being able to visit Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) and Katatjuta (formerly known as The Olgas), in central Australia. Both of these sites are of spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people, and I also believe that they are very important centres of energy for Planet Earth. I felt a very strong energy around Uluru, in fact it was almost tangible. I also got a strong sense of pyramid energy here, and I have since read that there is a connection between Uluru and the Sphinx and the great pyramids of Egypt, although I prefer to keep an open mind on such matters.

On a personal level, I experienced much joy and elation while there, and have felt much more grounded and peaceful ever since. I have a sense that I received a lot of healing, the effects of which are still ongoing.

The other area that I visited was Katajuta, which is a group of spectacular rock domes situated about forty kilometres from Uluru. This place is very sacred, and a lot of men’s initiation ceremonies took place here. I think they still do, as much of Katatjuta is out of bounds to non-Aboriginals, particularly women.

I visited here at dawn, and saw the sun rise over the domes, which was a wonderful sight. The energy here is different to that of Uluru, it is not quite so full-on. I found it to be very strong and powerful, but in a much more subdued way. We walked up a gorge between two of the domes, following a small stream, which is quite unusual, as it does not rain very often here. There was a definite male energy about this gorge, and in fact, there were lots of spearwood trees growing here, the wood from which the men used to make their spears.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in the “Red Centre”of Australia. I loved the colours of the rocks and the contrasting green of the gum trees, and in fact the area around the town of Alice Springs, with its bare rocky hills reminded me very much of Rajasthan, a part of India which I have visited and really love. But the best thing for me was the spiritual energy of the whole place, and I intend to return there at some point in the not too distant future.