On December 23rd, a week before 2015 the planet Saturn finally changed its zodiac sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius although it will revisit Scorpio for another three months in 2015 from June 15th to September 18th.

Saturn in Scorpio is very special to me because I have Saturn in Scorpio in my natal chart. Therefore, whenever Saturn transits in Scorpio it is the period of Saturn Return in my life.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, a taskmaster and a greater teacher. He teaches us the hardest lesson through facing our greatest fear. He trains us to take full responsibility for our karma, karmic obligation and karmic lessons by restricting our ego and limiting our freedom. He teaches us maturity through hard work, discipline, patience, perseverance and trust. He helps us to discover our passions, gifts and talents. Therefore, any tasks Saturn is meant to teach us will be a focus and will be more intensive in our Saturn Return. Saturn Return is a testing time for learning about our personal limits as well as our inner strength. It is also a time of becoming mature.

During my 1st Saturn return, I graduated from graduate school and received a masters degree in science; I got married and had my daughter.

In my 2nd Saturn Return when Saturn was just moving into Scorpio, I went to India with Margaret, Alan and Ratna, and we lived there about 15 months in total. We moved away from our comfort zone – people, environment and belongings, and we lived in a foreign country where we did not know anyone and nothing was familiar to us. Our freedom and resources were greatly limited and restricted. It was in this isolated and limited environment and period that we were tested in our faith, patience and trust in Spirit, that we were tried in our inner strength. I had to look within, to face my own greatest fear and darkest past life energy that my Self never wanted to deal and had run away from in the past.

I never imagined that I would be in a situation at the age of 60 where life has literally taken everything away from me on the material level. I have lost whatever I worked very hard for in the first 50 years of my life – job, home, money, relationship, friends, freedom, success, etc. Everything I used to hold onto dearly for survival is gone from my life. On my 60th birthday a few weeks ago, my Self really gave me a hard time as it forced me to look at my situation this way. It made me feel defeated, sad and depressed.

However, it is so true what Maitreya said in one of his newsletters, ” One cannot make changes while one is in the comfort zone. It is only when one is removed from it that one can finally see what is necessary to be seen and also to start the path to a higher vibration.”

I have chosen to go through this experience in my 2nd Saturn Return for my higher learning. In fact, my Higher Self knows that I have not chosen a material life, but a life with great soul growth and spiritual advancement. My Higher Self shows me on the daily basis that I am a very rich soul because I have learned so much in my 2nd Saturn Return about the depth of past life energy, its’ intensity and power, along with the karma and life lessons linked to it. I have worked on paying my karmic debt; I have faced the deepest pain and most terrific darkness rose to the surface from my deep subconscious during this period. I have begun to know and understand myself through this process. I have advanced spiritually and have raised my consciousness to a level I had strived for many incarnations to attain, but was never able to reach. Furthermore, I was never alone while going through this process, I had Maitreya’s direct guidance and help through Margaret, I had Margaret, Alan and Ratna’s help. Because of them I have gained much metaphysical knowledge and a deep understanding about life. I have much more wealth in my life than the majority of our society on the spiritual and metaphysical level. On the material level, I have more than I need and more than others in my life. I am indeed very blessed and fortunate.

I am very grateful for what I have experienced and for what I have gained through the life experience during my 2nd Saturn Return. I am very thankful to Margaret, Alan, Ratna and Korinne, for caring about me so deeply and dearly enough to choose to come into my life to help me learn my hardest lessons, work on my karma and face my greatest fears. I am very fortunate for being loved unconditionally and guided closely by Spirit.

Although Saturn has changed sign to Sagittarius, it will be still transiting in my 12th house, a house of karma, past lives and subconscious. It will make a conjunction to my natal Mercury in the 12th house in 2015, then back to Scorpio for three months. Therefore, Saturn will continue to test me to face my karma and darkest fears; it will continually teach me the hardest lessons I need to learn. I cannot run away from Saturn and I cannot avoid him either. The only way to deal with Saturn is to accept whatever lessons he is to teach me, and to face whatever fears he is to make me face with total trust and strength. I must not allow my Self to drag me into “doom and gloom” depression, but try to build a solid foundation of spiritual maturity with patience, discipline, practicality and perseverance.

I am determined to live everyday with gratitude, always count the blessings, live moment to moment with patience and trust and allow the universe to guide and lead me through the upcoming Saturn learning period in the new year. I dare to be the fool that takes the journey with Saturn in the 12th house, but this is what I chose; and I fully accept it. It will be a year of new adventure and new experience. Let’s get on with it!!