I am very honored and grateful to have been asked by Jean to write in Maitraya’s newsletter. I would also like to send my condolence and love to Maitraya team in the passing of Margaret. The energy of Margaret will continue to live and grow, for it is love.

I was a student of Margaret/Maitreya. I went with my 2 Icelandic friends to her seminars in Seattle. What a beautiful memory, laughter is really what stands out, and joy in meeting a group of beautiful people sharing the same interest in Metaphysics. I can say, for my self, the energy was like a powerful wind when Margaret started channeling. It also brought up stuff from Treasure Island! I’m talking about stuff that was hidden in far, far away land..never to be seen again. Not possible in Margaret‘s energy. My first reaction was procrastination, not being able to face my own fears. Since then I have continued my road of seeking the love I am. To realize that it’s all on the inside. It can be hard for a person like me, always giving my power away to anyone, like candy! A bad habit I have come to realize. But slowly I have come more to accept this truth. It still happens, this feeling rises, like an alcoholic wanting just one last drink, just to take the pressure off. It is so hard taking responsibility for my own feelings. But that is really love; taking responsibility.

This summer I went to Bulgaria to learn Watsu, a water therapy method. I have never been to Bulgary, so this was stepping out of my comfort zone. I had heard about Watsu on Facebook and I watched many YouTube videos. I cried when watching it, I thought it was so beautiful and a profound way to be present with another human being. I just had to go and learn it. I applied for a grant in my teacher association, and luckily I got it. So there was no excuse for me not to go! I was the only Scandinavian there, along with couple from Russia, otherwise it was Bulgarians and our beautiful teacher from India. Not very many people spoke English. But I got used to that, a smile can go along way! We worked really hard in the water, learning. The water brings a lot of stuff up. And it can be intense!

In Watsu you are being held with presence, the water is the formless love, supporting you on your journey. This was my sensation in the beginning. So we exchange in giving and receiving Watsu, learning all the sequences. For me it brought up so much insecurity. I was able to see how I got totally disconnected as I panicked when I got lost in my learning. There was absolutely no danger what so ever, but it sure felt like it for me on the inside. The teacher was totally present the whole time. I just gazed in her eyes and she would support me with love, guiding me gently in the right direction. I was freaking out! I felt really stupid and like a I was a lesser soul. As time passed in the seminar, the water helped me heal this aspect and to realize that I am love and have always been complete and fully connected. Only my mind would always tell me a different story. I was being held like a baby in the arms and with the presence of the giver and the support of the water. Allowing everything to be as it was. What a gift.

We also did the most powerful meditation I have every experienced. It was a heart meditation in the water, with our eyes closed. A moving meditation, we gave gratitude and love to all those that have gone before, the father side, the mother side, the ancestors. And also receiving gratitude and love in return.

It was then that I realized and felt the power of self forgiveness. I accepted my liberation in self-forgiveness. Unconditional love, like when you were a newborn being held in your mother’s arms for the first time, accepted and loved for all that you are. Self forgiving is everything! I will continue to practice Watsu, and allow my self to feel the presence in water and unconditional love for all that I am.

Water is love, water is life.