Acceptance Cancels Judgement and Creates Unconditional Love

I’ve written often of my struggles with Judgement. I feel very blessed with the knowledge and understanding that I gained from my 12-years with Maitreya, but I must admit when I can’t fathom another person’s point of view or perspective, I quickly move to Judging or Criticizing rather than ‘Accepting’ the other person’s view or perspective as a part of who they are. It’s easy to recall Maitreya’s words of ‘never judge another, everyone has a right to their own truth, and give the situation no energy’. The wisdom and examples could go on and on, but when emotions kick in, it’s easy to fail the learning experience. I could easily blame the quick judgement I have on all my fixed signs in my birth chart, but on reflection, that’s the configuration of energy I chose in this lifetime to assist me in learning the lessons I have chosen in this incarnation. Possibly I chose the fixed energy alignment to make the judgement lesson harder to learn, such that hopefully when I finally learn it, it will be etched deeply in my soul and become a lesson learned. The first step is recognizing that it was me that chose to learn nonjudgement in this lifetime, and I need to own it, and take responsibility when I catch myself reverting to judging or criticizing. As we all know, it’s easier said than done, and that’s what creates our learning experiences here on the Earth plane.

Our current world has become a tribal environment of us against them. We’re constantly pitted against each other by some fear or some piece of vital knowledge that we think the other individual or group doesn’t have or can’t comprehend. As emotions are heightened and we get caught in the illusion of life, we can’t see that our personal journey of learning is unique to each of us.

The us versus them mentality is constantly played out as we judge or criticize people we don’t know or don’t interact with on a personal level, but our real test comes when the exam is with individuals that are close to us and that we care deeply about. It is so easy to justify our actions surrounding those close to us behind the cloak of “us” knowing what’s best for them because we care so much for them and are only trying to protect them. Except, from that perspective, we don’t realize that our caring and trying to protect them are derived from our own personal experiences. We can go even deeper into the ingredients that make us who we are, our conditioning, past life experiences, unique karma, and life lessons. As we judge another’s actions we easily discard or discount the unique ingredients that make them who they are and defines the chosen life lessons and experiences they will encounter and learn from.

The only way the two differing perspectives can work for the highest good of both parties is to honor the uniqueness of the other individual and accept that they have free will to make and learn from the choices they make. Your make up is you and their makeup is them, fully accepting them and their actions is what Maitreya would term as “Unconditional Love”!

So, what is triggering my emotions at this moment in time, and testing my resolve around the elusive axiom of Maitreya’s “Acceptance Cancels Judgement and Creates Unconditional Love”? Well, on a personal level I have two family members, one is an anti-vaxxer and one is Trumpet. It’s like the Universe is waving a red flag to a bull! Metaphysical speaking, do you think it’s any accident that they are in my life? Are they really the cause of the bull chasing his tail? In one ear my lower self is telling me I know more than they do, and I need to save and protect them! In the other ear I can hear Maitreya telling me I am not them and they are not me and I have no right to judge them. We each are on our unique journeys of learning and soul evolution, and rather than wasting energy on trying to change them, I should be thanking them for being the triggers to unlock and release the old stale “fixed” past life energy that the Universe is skillfully trying to flush out of me!

The constant battle we have with ourselves is that it is far easier to pass Judgement or criticize another rather than allow Acceptance of the person for who they are. As I’ve said many times, I’m a Work-in-Progress and still working on that elusive concept of Unconditional Love!

I’ve hot linked the above Maitreya Wisdom Cards that shed light on the subject in Maitreya’s words. Click the Wisdom Card link for a free download of the app.

P.S. Love and Kisses to Jeanie and Sharon 😊 ❤ 😘

Have a great month!