Is it normal to BE in acceptance mode when you see whole world grieving? Is it normal to just be, breathe and let go (of overthinking, denial, joking, exploring theories etc.) in time of the greatest pandemic outbreak in 21st century?

Is it normal to spend your time just baking, gardening, playing with your child, enjoying the fresh breeze while walking in empty streets?

Is it normal to feel childlike happiness when you finally find a bag of potatoes and pasta on the grocery store shelves? Is it normal to sing while cooking vegetable soup, being grateful from your heart knowing that you are blessed being capable to feed your family with delicious and nutritionally healthy meals? Is it normal to be happy in time like this?

Is it normal to laugh on your own ego self-projected plans and desires that you’ve had for the last 6 months, and accepting that nothing will be manifested?

Is it normal to let go of everything and just trust?

I am guilty of everything mentioned above.

I am pulled away from contributing to the mass panic, anger, and fear. I feel repelled by constant news, negative posts and overall darkness coming from all media sources.

I am guilty of retreating into my personal safe space, moving away from even friends who try to reach out (with talk about Covid-19) because I just can’t, and I won’t, because I don’t feel like it.

Yes, I sympathize with all and no, I am not in denial. I am not looking right now through rose colored glasses. I am aware of everything, but choose not to interact or react, but choose to be an objective observer.

People are not ready to hear the other side of the story and I don’t feel like calling out to contribute with my truth right now. And that is perfectly all right.

You ARE normal if you feel like this. You are normal if you are not afraid. You are normal if you don’t have plan B or solution Y, I think no one has one actually.

You are normal if you live in the now moment. Breathe now. Laugh now. Love now. That is only thing that we actually have right now: being here and now in the present. Nothing else is promised. Tomorrow is not promised.  You are not promised.  Eat that cake! Play with your children, grandchildren and pets. Sing while having a shower. Dance. Binge watch that show.  Enjoy another cup of espresso. If you work, feel grateful knowing that you are blessed being able to earn your income. Know that everything will be fine. Everything IS fine.

What a beautiful, awakening gift, isn’t it?