I was asked the other day if I had a pet ‘peeve?’ A pet peeve is where something aggravates or annoys you to the extent it bothers your life. I had to think, as over the years with Maitreya I have let go of so many ‘pet peeves.’ In the beginning 30 years ago when I began my metaphysical path, I had so many I feel ashamed looking back that I allowed so many to control my life. After much thinking, I came to the realization I did have a peeve and that was in people who do not answer email or who take so long to answer email or letters sent the old way, which I call ‘snail mail.’ When I first began working with Maitreya he taught me to acknowledge any correspondence sent to me; and in the beginning people would write and let me know how much they appreciated my swift reply to them. For me though, years later, I still find myself having problems with people whom I write to that do not even acknowledge my communication with them, or if they do, they take ages to get back to me.

When I send an email/letter to someone, I assume it is going to get there, but often the system screws up and it does not; it is then one begins to worry, “did my email/letter get there? I am sure many of you have wrestled with whether to write again, or whether to leave it to the Universe to create something to alert you to the fact it did not arrive. Often the person the communication has been sent to does not realize what an inconvenience they may be causing to the person who wrote to them, when they are wondering did it arrive, should I write again, etc. This recently happened to me – again, when I sent an email to someone with some astrological information, they did not acknowledge my email and so I was left wondering if it had been sent, on checking I found it had been sent, but had it arrived? On thinking about it, I came to the realization that much stress could be caused by this situation, if one allowed it. For me, I do get concerned when a communication I have sent is not acknowledged; but I have learned to let it go and not give it any energy, but for many out there who have a lot of stress in their lives, it is just another avenue for worry and for stress.

When someone writes to me, or to Maitreya, I usually write back and acknowledge the email if I do nothing else. Some of the people I communicate with know that if they do not get a reply it is because I am busy, but I always acknowledge the communication and let them know I have received it, and will reply as soon as I have the time. It is agony waiting for a reply, it feeds the Self also because while the reply is being awaited, the Self-part of us will fill us with negative thoughts about what the person is thinking or doing, 99% of which is totally untrue. If you are one of those people who does not or takes time to reply, please try to remember the person who communicated wants to know if you got the communication. Often also, they cannot move on until they get a reply. Years gone by when we had snail mail (the postal service) and we wrote with pen and ink, it was considered rude to not acknowledge the letter, even if one sent a birthday or other kind of card, it was acknowledged. I remember after Christmas my mother sitting me at the table with pen and ink (usually brand new as one of my presents) and watching me as I wrote thank you letters to all who had sent me a Christmas gift. As we had family all around the country, the list was long; but it was courtesy then to do it and also let the sender of the gift know you had received it and were appreciative.

We are so wrapped up in our own world we often tend to forget what we do to others by not sending an acknowledgement after receiving a communication. To be honest, I have occasionally, usually due to traveling not acknowledged a communication, I remember one of the times when the person sent me an email and I forgot to answer it, usually I print out the email and reply to say I got it and then reply in a few days’ time. On this particular day, I did not have a printer and so made a mental note to print it out as soon as I could; of course I completely forgot. The person who wrote to me came to the conclusion I no longer wanted to write or to be bothered by her, her Self mutilated her, thankfully, her friend wrote me and asked if I had replied to her, and of course I discovered I had not done so. We got the situation sorted out, but it could have so easily gone the wrong way.

The next time someone writes to you, try to acknowledge their communication, even if it is to state you are busy and will reply as soon as you can. At least the person who wrote to you will know their communication arrived and will not worry about it or have to write again and also they will not be held up in what they are doing because they are waiting for your reply!