All Change Is Wonderful

Time flies so fast, it makes me often wonder where the time went? Exactly a year ago, we left Seattle, WA and moved to New Orleans, LA. At that time, we did not know what the future held for us, but we followed the guidance of the Universe even though I didn’t personally want to move away from the Seattle area where I always felt like it was my home. As we did so, everything fell into place nicely and smoothly. During our one year stay in New Orleans, we accomplished quite a few things collectively as a group and individually.

First of all, we were able to pay off the huge debt we held as a group. Alan, Ratna, Korinne and I never had debt before 2012, instead, we always had good savings in the bank. However, when Alan and I entered our second Saturn Return in 2012, we started to have money issues, and lessons around money began to play out in our life. At times, the struggle and the lessons relating to our finances seemed to be insurmountable. We had to always practice the essences of Maitreya’s teachings and remember there is a reason behind every situation in your life. It’s difficult to not lose yourself in worry and fear when you are in pure survival mood, unfortunately the energy generated by the worries and fears are actually working against you. Fortunately, through the knowledge and understanding of Maitreya’s teachings, while we were definitely tested, I think we weathered the storm fairly well and only got wet a few times, lol. Believe me, Saturn in Scorpio is strict and has no room for bullshit. However, as we focused on the concept that money is nothing but an energy, and that we must have no fear and let events and situations around us unfold; things slowly progressed for us. Through total faith and trust in the Universe, Saturn finally brought us the reward, but I won’t lie to you, it has been a tough 7 years. As Margaret would often say, just look at your astrology, what is happening in your life will be there. Living in New Orleans provided the right energy to enable us to come out of the tunnel. The astrological relocation for both Alan and Ratna was very positive for making money, as such, just as Maitreya told us before Margaret’s passing,  we would be able to pay off all debt within a year if we did it according to the plan.

Secondly, each of us was able to focus on our own soul development through self-reflection and self-examination from deep within. The four of us have had multiple past lives together, and the past life energy resides deeply in our deep subconscious. The Universe not only brought us together, but due to our financial situation forced us to live together under the same roof as well. The daily interaction among us acted as a past life trigger and enabled us to release the deep energy when it came to the surface. I had been a mother for quite a few past lives with them, so, they all call me “momma” or “momma Jean” nowadays regardless of whether I am their mother or not in this incarnation. They are just continuing their past life habit to call me “momma” (LOL). And for me, I vented a lot of frustration and anger towards each of them, and in the end, I had to learn self-forgiveness. It was not an easy process at all, but it was definitely worth the experience. As this phase of our lives comes to an end, we are much happier with each other and have much more understanding and respect for each other.

Thirdly, I have been doing in-depth astrology readings, past life regressions and private teaching through Skype around the world. I had to learn to practice total faith and trust in Spirit and the Universe that they would guide those who needed my assistance on their life journey to me which has proved true.

In general, our life in New Orleans was indeed positive and productive, it proved what Maitreya said to us, “All that you lose you will one day regain. It is only removed for the process of learning!” – from Maitreya Quotes App

However, life is about constant change – moving forward, learning, growing, raising vibration and consciousness. As we were just getting comfortable and complacent with our life in New Orleans, the Universe provided us another opportunity for change. The Universe opened a door for Alan’s business in Seattle, WA, and ironically, Seattle provides easy flights to China for our teaching there that has begun to takeoff, so we packed up and moved back Seattle. The sudden decision to move back to Seattle was a pleasant surprise for us and is a blessing indeed as we all love the energy of Seattle. Up to now, we have been very busy going with the flow of life. Alan and I spent the month of April in China. It helped me heal some deep wounds I was carrying around relating to my family, but it also opened more doors for us to spread Maitreya’s teachings in China.

One of the challenges with the move is that Ratna, with his current job must stay in New Orleans. So, being part of a group and then being “left behind”, will present opportunities for learning for him and us. Ironically, this has been the 3rd time this situation has played out with us and Ratna. We look forward to the day that we are reunited in Seattle hopefully, but until then we know the Universe will be testing us with our being apart. We all realize we are learning valuable lessons through these separations just as Maitreya said when he wrote in Wisdom Card #49 on Life Lessons “Why do I keep having the same experiences? It is because you have not learned what you needed to.” – from Maitreya Wisdom Cards. We are all looking to the day that Ratna is reunited with us, until then, let the learning begin! lol

Our schedule through all this has been hectic. On May 1st, the day after we returned to New Orleans, LA from our month in China, we flew to Seattle to find a rental house. Again, if it was meant to be, everything would fall into place perfectly. We found a rental house that met all our criteria on the second day and signed the lease within a week. Then we flew back to New Orleans and loaded all our stuff in a 26ft U-Haul truck and a car transport trailer to tow our Honda Pilot. On the afternoon of Sunday, May 12th, we left New Orleans and were on the road back to Seattle, WA. It took us five and half days to get to our rental house in Renton, WA. A week later was the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and we were 95% settled in. Once we placed the crystals and water fountains throughout the house, we immediately felt the energy transformation of the house. It was an incredible experience to feel the energy change. We indeed have a beautiful and peaceful house.

A year ago, we left Seattle for New Orleans, and a year later, we are back in Seattle. It is exactly one year. It never ceases to amaze me how the Universe works its magic to bring change into our life. All change is wonderful and positive if only we listen, be open and go with the change.

Coming back to Seattle area, we all feel back home. I have my own office and library which will enable me to do both in person and online in-depth astrology readings, solar return readings, past life regressions, along with my color, crystal and Chinese medical astrology healings and private teaching. I have been teaching my “Healing Your Chiron Wound” course, it is private study as your Chiron wound is very personal and deep, and requires understanding, respect, deep care and gentleness to work through the issues associated with it. If you are interested in my services, or have any questions, feel free to send me a private message via FB messenger. Thank you!

“Do not be afraid of change and of moving into a new energy, for life is in constant change, and sometimes it is necessary to make changes for one’s own happiness and health situation.” – from Maitreya Quotes App.