From my Scorpio perspective, an “eye for an eye” feeds the revenge aspect of the Scorpio energy. This quote can be found from the perspective of retaliation or retribution throughout the Old Testament in the Christian Bible. It is also found in its’ non-violent form, “turn the other cheek” in the book of Matthew in the New Testament along with aspects of it being attributed to Gandhi, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” and Martin Luther King used it in his non-violent movements against oppression also. So which is it? I’m not sure, coming from someone with a lot of Scorpio energy I would probably lean towards revenge or payback, but if I go the Metaphysical route and control my Scorpio urges I would try and shoot for detachment.

Some would probably think it should be love and turn the other cheek, but detachment brings in the component of the objective observer. I know through experience that it is hard to be objective in times of pain and suffering. The emotional component is very difficult to navigate and the drive to find someone to blame or take our pain out on, more often than not rules the day. If we do have the strength to turn the other cheek, but we aren’t detached, we end up not acting out, but we in essence are burying the emotion of the action we want to take deep within ourselves and sooner or later it will need to be dealt with; probably in the another go around or as some know it, incarnation.

To truly detach and become the observer, we need to grasp and hold tight to the principle of “Free Choice”. If we can really focus on this concept and not just live it when its’ outcome happens to be in our benefit, but at all times, then we can truly “Live in the Now” through total “Acceptance” of the moment at hand. No wasting of energy on the expressing our emotion through revenge or pushing it down into the depths of our being to be dealt with on another day.

Total acceptance is not an easy task to tackle on this physical plane that is driven by emotion in which we have chosen to experience our lessons during this incarnation. In some of the latest writings and channelings from Maitreya, he discusses the concepts of judgment and karma. I think these are two important building blocks to assist us to temper and conquer the emotion of the moment that perpetually places us on the emotional rollercoaster tied to other people’s choices as well as our own.

Most people usually associate judgment and karma from a “negative” perspective, but that is not the case when the universe is in charge. In the highest form, there is never anyone to blame and if there is no one to blame then there is no one to judge. Karma is the tool the universe uses to equalize out the energy of one’s actions that have been acted out on another based on the choices they make at the time.

Judgment is based on a man-made reference point. Whether it is tradition, belief or some other factor in your environment, at its’ core, judgment is just a reflection on something that you cannot reconcile within yourself. While it is harmful to judge another based on your reference points, it is all consuming and sometimes overwhelming and unbearable when you are judging yourself on a choice that you made. Unfortunately, the clock cannot be turned back to unwind the outcome of the choice.

Maitreya made some interesting points relating to karma, judgment, forgiveness and an eye for an eye in his latest channelings and newsletters. First and foremost, God does not judge you on any of your choices, so if God isn’t judging you, why are you judging yourself? You may wonder why you shouldn’t judge yourself? The point Maitreya made was that until you go home to spirit, you will not know if that choice you made was from a karmic perspective or not; i.e., the harm you perceived to have been caused by your actions might in fact been a karmic repayment no matter how egregious it may look to you or those around you at this time. With this in mind, we all have made what would appear to be some bad choices with outcomes we wish we could turn back the clock on, but you need to forgive yourself, God doesn’t have to forgive you, because God never judged you in the first place.

The reality of the law of karma is truly an eye for eye played out across our incarnations whether we want to believe it or not, but if you don’t detach and try to become the observer, the emotions will take you on another karmic debt ride. Focus on yourself and forgive yourself relating to any judgments you are holding onto about yourself. Guilt just prevents you from seeing the bigger picture; let it go and forgive that person staring back at you in the mirror each morning.