Anger, Fear, Doubt – Peace, Love, Joy
Let It Go – Let It Flow

It’s difficult to rid the world of anger, fear, and doubt, when one holds onto anger, fear, and doubt, within.

This is not to say that one is free just let it all out, to throw tantrums and rampage for what one wants. Feel your anger, fear and doubt and release it somehow within your own space. Let it not dominate you. Let it go, or at least take a break from it.

This is to say that one is free to know peace, love, and joy. Let it dominate. One is free to use this inner peace, love, and joy, in themselves, and to spread it through their own beautiful innate creative ways. Perhaps that is through caring for others physically, or sharing words and stories of inspiration, or creating art, creating innovative ways to live within the nature of this planet, or simply being one with love. And also, to recognize and accept the being of others with love.

We hold on tightly to our creative intuitive ways, fearing they will offend others on this earth plane, or not be good enough, or perhaps be a waste of time for not making money.

Be creative anyway! Let go of any fear or doubt or shame, and just be. When all is said and done, it is only you who matters. And if your creative endeavour makes you feel content, then that is what matters. Don’t allow the judgement of others to control and belittle. And don’t let yourself control and belittle others. For we are meant to be creative beings – different, unique and loving. Accept. Allow. Be nurtured by your unique creative being and productions. Let it not hurt. Let it bring peace to you first, and the others who are meant to be touched will be.

As I was told by a guide many years ago, “Creativity is simply allowing for your inspiration to come through into physical form, without letting self-doubt, judgement, fear, anger, get in the way of that divine flow of energy.” Creativity can also be a way to properly release fear, anger and doubt. Give yourself time and space for this. Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #17 Creativity says, “This card is Spirit’s way of encouraging you to explore your creativity by letting go of the need to figure out what you are going to create, and instead work on allowing the energy to flow unhindered. The most beautiful creative energy can come from within you when you do not stop this flow.”  Let it flow!

If you are feeling stuck and looking for a creative way to release, if you are looking for ways to feel and creatively share your peace, love, and joy, perhaps an Intuitive Writing/Creativity Session will help. I am always guided to the right energy for each individual, and the time spent is always worthwhile, revealing, and inspirational. It is often the process, not the product, that is important.

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