10 years ago this month, I stepped on an airplane and flew about 6,500 miles to study from a lady who channeled an energy from a world beyond ours. My actions definitely took me many miles outside my comfort zone and ultimately caused many dominoes in my life to tumble.

I have always been a seeker of what some refer to as “Spiritual Knowledge”. Circumstances always seemed to be presented to me to expose me to different thought and traditions.

I remember as a child being dropped off at the Christian church for Sunday school with my best buddy, learning the Jesus story, coming to fear Hell if I wasn’t good, and learning the song Onward Christian Soldiers, which ironically has stuck with me to this day. My perspective has changed, but the experience became part of my makeup. I have a funny memory about a poster on the wall. All our names were on the poster, and we got a gold star placed by our name for each Sunday we attended. My buddy and I did well, except there were many stars missing during the summer months and if a basketball ball game happened to clash with Sunday school. Everyone else’s names had no gaps in between their stars. It was ironic, when I was about 18, a buddy of mine took me with him up to visit his Grandmother that lived 2-3 hours away from where we lived. It was a beautiful little town up by the Canadian border. Friends and relatives came to visit and for some reason the talk turned to religion and as they spoke I entered into their conversation. I laugh now, because it’s like I was a theologian to these people. I remember my buddy saying, how do you know all that? I think my absentee stars on my Sunday school attendance board would indicate probably a lack of knowledge, but it is surprising what little a lot of people know about what they espousing from their Holy books.

Upon entering the Navy, I was shipped to upstate New York for part of my training, and I was befriended by this beautiful older lady name Emily. She was 64 years young at the time. She asked me if I would like to go to church with her, I said sure, why not? Little did I know as the preacher started his sermon, up out of the pew pops Emily like a Jack-in-the-Box toy and she starts talking in what I came to know as “speaking in tongues,” of which the preacher then began to interpret as if this was an everyday experience for him. It’s a wonder I didn’t soil my pants. I must be truthful, I was not only startled, but also quite surprised, as she hadn’t mentioned this aspect of herself to me, nor had I ever been in a church that this was part of the ritual. It was interesting, because as I came to know her, she wasn’t satisfied with how they were handling their young people, so she was searching for a new church. When she found one, she once again asked me if I would mind driving her and again I said yes. Once again during the sermon, up pops Emily as she does her thing. The interesting aspect is as the preacher is somehow interpreting what she is saying. The core message was, while you are searching elsewhere, the answers lie where you already are. I told her on the way home, I think your message today was actually for you and that she should stay at her church. It’s been probably 39 years since that event and I can’t help but think Emily is still befriending me from the other side of the veil. She did stay with her church.

My submarine pulled into a port in South Korea, I, and a buddy happened to walk by a building that had some beautiful murals on the outside. But what really caught our attention was that the building had what I perceived as backwards Swastika’s also painted on the sides. We decided to see what was inside and as we peaked through the door, there was about 10 ladies sitting on the floor constructing these beautiful kite lanterns for a festival. We decided to go in and sit down in the circle and see what transpired. We learned to make these colorful lanterns to be used in their upcoming Buddhist festival. Ironically, no one spoke English, but with Love in their hearts, they welcomed us into their circle and we spent 4 magical hours in their sacred place. When we pulled into Japan, I was able to visit a few of their stunning shrines and temples and learn a little about some of their traditions. Before leaving the Navy, I was introduced to the concept of the “Ascended Masters” and as I’ve said in a prior writing, a seed was planted. My many hours underwater allowed me to have the time to read anything from Richard Bach’s, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions, to Ram Das’, Be Here Now, to P.D. Ouspensky’s, A New Model of the Universe, to name a few. I even took a philosophy class in college about Far Eastern Religions.

Ironically, my 1st wife was an ex-Hare Krishna. I probably should have realized that my devout Catholic 2nd wife was going to have trouble for me, because my quest and thirst for Spiritual knowledge was not going to stop.  Needless to say, I happened to come across a name in a book I was reading that I had never encountered before; “Maitreya”. With the advent of the Internet, with that search, my world changed. I came across the site www.maitreya-edu.org. In March of 2004, I boarded that plane to meet Maitreya in person.

I decided to arrive a few days early so I would be fresh for the course. There was another student that was already there, and she said there was an event at a Spiritual Church and asked me if I wanted to go. I had never been to a “Spiritual Church” so with my interest peaked, I went. For me, up to this point I had never met a psychic medium or clairvoyant, so this was all new territory for me. I knew in a couple days I would meet the lady who was channeling Maitreya. I had seen what she did on her website, but beyond that I was what could be called a novice to this side of “Spirituality”. Off we go to this church and the ceremony looks very Catholic to me except there was no “ He died and was buried and on the 3rd day he rose again in fulfillment of the scriptures and sits at the right hand of his father type stuff”. The lady preacher did give a homily, but then this lady gets up and she was what I came to know as a Platform Reader. She stood up in front of the congregation of about 50 people and commenced to give some clairvoyant messages to 5 or 6 members of the congregation. I sit their amused and amazed as she gives information to several members of the congregation and then she states this will be her last message and she turns to her left and her eyes penetrate my soul. She tells me there are a group of angels standing behind me and they are telling her it is time for me to come forward to do my Spiritual work. She then asks me if this resonates with me? I meekly say yes and spare her the details of me just traveling 6,500 miles to open my spiritual door.

The morning arrives to begin our course. There are 5 of us with different accents from around the world sitting in a cozy little room and in walks the beautiful lady who is now my wife. She talks for a few minutes, then Maitreya takes her over and I am sitting in front of this energy whose writings and channelings have inspired me to travel to Australia to experience his knowledge and his energy in-person. The irony of what he said to me individually that morning is that it just reinforced what I had heard 2 days prior during my first encounter into this new world that was opening up very quickly before my eyes. He says, “Congratulations for making it here, you had to face and overcome a lot of obstacles and fears to get here, we weren’t sure you would make it.” That was 10 years ago this month, I could go on with the stories, but the searching ended on that day and the task of working on myself began as I came to understand from Maitreya how life really works.

So, this month is my 10-year Anniversary since I personally met Maitreya and I am sure he would say that I am definitely, a work-in-progress, but then again we all are until we go home. I am shooting for not having to return, how about you?