It always seems that we are looking to the future for some magical thing to happen, or a new phase in our life to begin. It is hard to believe that 2014 is about to begin. I remember, as I am sure a lot of people were, for 2012 to come. The Mayan calendar was going to end, some thought the Earth plane was going to magically disappear, some thought that wars would stop, people would start loving each other… blah, blah, blah. We’re always looking to the future, unfortunately the future starts with the “Now”. I am finding out that if I focus on the future or the past, I easily lose sight of the “Now”. If you look closely at the “Now”, it can get a little scary, because if you really reflect on what is happening at this moment in time, it is really all that matters. It is the foundation for the next “Now”, which at some point in time could become the future, but the future is really just successive “Now” moments.

I know if you are like me, you are having a lot of confusing moments at this point of your “Now”, but you don’t want to look at the “Now” moment, you want to lament about past actions or dream about things changing in the future. BUT, the now moment holds the key to changing the energy from the past and formulating the energy you need to achieve those hopes, wishes and dreams in that so called future you yearn for.

On reflection of 2013, I have really struggled to live in the “Now” as I have had a lot of anger come to the surface. Astrologically speaking I am just finishing Saturn leaving my 12th house where my Natal Neptune (Libra), Venus (Scorpio) and Moon (Scorpio) reside and entering my 1st house for its’ 2.5 year cycle where my Natal Saturn (Scorpio) resides along with crossing my Scorpio ascendant. I feel so fortunate to have the metaphysical knowledge about astrology and understanding the concept of living in the “Now” moment, but I must say, I have mightily struggled to reconcile the ability to manage the past life energy (anger) as it has come to the surface on a very personal level. If you happen to be like me, a very intense person (all that Scorpio), it is time to give thanks to those around me that have taken the brunt of my energy through the year.

The year has brought me much closer to some, and some I have had to let go of at this point in time as part of my learning and theirs. I must admit, without my knowledge of astrology and past life energy, I would not have the strength to let go of people close to me. This is an interesting dilemma, because by not letting someone close to you go, you in fact could be limiting the learning experience you and they put together for this incarnation. I guess you could say you are being selfish. This is a tough one, but as 2014 comes into being and you reflect, you might want to think about this concept because those closest to us hold our most intense lessons that we have chosen for this incarnation.

Back to the energy that is bottled up within each and everyone of us. It is real, we all have experienced it in different forms and circumstances at some point in our life. As Maitreya has said many times, you are here to clear it from your being to allow yourself to go to a higher vibration. If you continue to hold it in, it will just lead to health problems in this incarnation or the next. I think I was actually lucky, because about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to have one my testicles removed. I think the Universe did me a favor by removing a big chunk of bottled up anger from me in one swoop.

Fortunately for me, I now have Margaret who processes my unsavory stuff as it comes to the surface. So, thank you honey, I know it is not easy, but as Maitreya has said, it is not only better out than in, but someone has to process it for you and that someone for me is YOU 🙂 I also want to thank all of Team Maitreya past and present for dealing with me, sometimes I know it can be difficult.

In closing, I wish you all a great 2014. Let’s all try to live in the “Now” moment and embrace the change the Universe is bringing to us, because only through change can we grow.