Like many of you, the month of April was a difficult time energy wise. I have worked for spirit for 32 years, and in the beginning of my development, I had vertigo really bad, stroke like feelings, nausea, etc. To be honest I had forgotten that part in my life, it was so long ago. The last few months have been in a way, a repeat of that energy, but not so much the vertigo, nausea and stroke-like feelings, instead I was assuaged with headaches in the crown and brow chakra area. As the Eclipse on the 15th April approached, I have to admit I was concerned at what it would bring for me, for the Eclipse was almost exact my Sun and Chiron in the first house, in Libra and having a Libra Ascendant with Neptune in Libra in the 12th house next door. I knew I would feel it heavily. With my Sun, which was 25 degrees and 14 minutes, the Eclipse was 25 degrees and 16 minutes and with my Chiron 26 degrees; a number of people told me something big was going to happen for me before Christmas; but I was having enough problems coping with the headaches, never mind anything else pertaining to my future!

On the 14th April, one day before the Eclipse hit, at 3pm in the afternoon, it was like a window opened, and for 3 hours, until 6pm, I saw not only the future and what it held, but also the past and what I had done to sabotage myself all of my career in not allowing myself to have what was coming in the future. Now it was re-visiting – big time, and this time I could not sabotage myself, it was time for action! During the Grand Cardinal cross, I had similar experiences, and got the shock of my life when something came up which I had never expected. Something so personal I cannot share, but it was happening, and causing me great distress. The outcome was that she who thought she had dealt with a past life situation, found herself becoming VERY angry over a very deep subconscious emotion, one I would never had imagined I would have.

During the entire time of the Lunar Eclipse, Cardinal Cross and then the Solar Eclipse, I was a big mess! In all of my years of doing metaphysical work I never expected to go through such a roller coaster ride. I was not alone either so many others were going through a similar experience. I honestly could not believe how the astrological transits really brought me to my knees, and also many others. The headaches continued every day, the pressure some days was so painful. I was familiar with spiritual development but this was something entirely different, along with all the symptoms, I was having depression and insomnia. I slept a lot and just got through that time with sleeping until late in the day.

I actually put a sign on my Facebook page on the 16th April “I SURVIVED THE LUNAR ECLIPSE LOL!” not realizing I was not through it and still had more to come! It is now May and April has gone, I am still experiencing the headaches and insomnia, the energy is coursing through my body each night, but I am different inside, all the feelings from the past are gone, leaving me with a clear vision of what I want in my life. I have the opportunity to move forward, and I intend to use every opportunity which presents itself before Christmas. If you, like me, experienced similar symptoms and did not understand why, it is because you are ripe for change, and you have a part to play in the change which is coming. It IS going to get worse before it gets better. People are changing, the Universe is causing massive shifts to the other side for many people. I truly believe we will see more UFOs than we have ever done before. They are coming to help us, not to kill us. For those of us who believe in souls from another planet, for some of us there will be communication with them.

We have been prepared over not just a few months, but for some of us over many years; the time for change has come. We cannot escape it either. Just know if you experienced similar symptoms to me during the last few months, especially over the last two weeks in April, you can guarantee you have a role to play in whatever is to come. Do I know what the change will be? No I do not. If I did, the Self part of me would go out of its way to sabotage what is to happen, and the same for everyone else. Spirit were so determined they were not going to let me know what was to happen, I will relate a very funny (I think so anyway) story!

As the Eclipse began coming in to my 1st house, I decided to seek information on it. I meditated and where I normally visualize very well, I could not visualize anything at this time. Those around me could not visualize either; Jean, my associate, told me it would be something big, but that was all. Finally I consulted a friend of my daughter’s, Sally Lakin, who lives in Australia, and we arranged a Skype call. She had just started giving me information (I was giving her a reading also), when my fellow apartment dwellers, who had been out, and were not expected home for hours, came home. Sally and I had to stop communicating. She told me she would write it into a report for me the next day. I waited a few days and then reminded her, only to be told her computer had been stolen from her car, but as soon as she claimed the insurance, she would buy another and would send it again.

Sally works at Currumbin Sanctuary for native animals in Qld, Australia, and has only just begun doing readings on a professional level part time. I waited a few more days as she was so busy at work and as the mother of her two young children she is often run off her feet. We finally made another Skype session and this time she went out and forgot to Skype, she had completely forgotten the appointment. One thing after another stopped us communicating, either her end in Australia or mine here in India. When everything was over, including the Solar Eclipse, I once again asked her about the reading and she sent it via Skype. I was in a state of shock, she not only mentioned everything which had been taking place for the last month, and also gave me information on the future, which I had also “seen” but found difficult to believe.

Had I had this information before, it would have stopped the train of events which had already happened! And, we think they are not crafty in the next world! LOL. I am so glad April is over, let’s hope May will be a lot more peaceful and less dramatic.