April Happenings – Education is the Key

We’ve recently changed the name of our YouTube channel to Maitreya Wisdom. It falls more in line with Maitreya’s tagline we set up back in 2005, “Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow”. We’ve created a few Playlists to introduce Margaret and Maitreya to people new to Maitreya’s teachings through Margaret. We will continue to create additional playlists in the future to assist in navigating topics or messages more efficiently from all the content Margaret/Maitreya left us.

For those who are unaware, we have 2 Maitreya apps that you can download from Apple and Google. They are free of charge and give great insight into topics that Maitreya spoke of via his writings. There are over 8,000 quotes in the quotes App and 88 Wisdom cards. You can set the Apps up to get a Daily Quote or Wisdom Card each day.

In addition to the YouTube and the Apps, all 411 Maitreya newsletters are available via e-book download for free on our Maitreya.co website.

For me, when I first stumbled across, or should I say, was led and guided to Margaret/Maitreya’s website back in 2003, I download all the newsletters to read. What amazes me 20 years later is that when I read a newsletter or listen to a channeling, something that I’ve read or heard before has a new or nuanced meaning from when I listened or read it the last time. It’s like the message is “Live Energy” touching or stimulating you at this point in time. As Maitreya often said, “There are no accidents.”

Jean and I are visiting Iceland this month after a 3-year postponement due to Covid. We can’t wait to see the beauty of the country and see the many Margaret/Maitreya followers. We’ve met quite a few who studied with them and us over the years and are looking forward to making new acquaintances for those who will be led and guided to touch our energy. We know that Margaret/Maitreya will be there with their energy to assist us. It never ceases to amaze me when we do an event in-person or online the amount of energy they bring in to assist us.

We’ve been doing a lot of weekend Wellness Fairs in the Seattle area, but ironically last weekend we ventured to Portland, Oregon. We did about 60 Aura photos and a couple talks. The name of our talk is “The Game of Life and How to Play It, A Metaphysical Perspective”. After we return from Iceland, we are going to hold a “Game of Life” online seminar, we’ll keep you informed of all the details in our weekly newsletter and on the Maitreya website.

Things are getting crazy in the world and from an astrological perspective, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Try to embrace the change, no matter how crazy it gets. As Maitreya said, “There’s no learning in the comfort zone of life.” Remember, Education is the Key! Try to understand your astrology (your natal chart), it’s who you are and it’s your road map of where things in your life are going to unfold and what your life lessons are. Astrology is the knowledge and fuel to assist you to focus on YOU when things get crazy and emotions cloud the big picture. Here’s a great Q&A I did with Maitreya that goes through the Essences of his teachings, enjoy.

Have a great month,