For me this is definitely an area that I struggle with. How about you? My mind is to busy thinking about how it is going justify itself as someone is discussing what I just said or my mind is busy not listening to what someone is saying because it is preparing a response to show how smart I am. What a conundrum!

For me, my astrological makeup shows that this area will definitely be a challenge for me, or to put it another way; an area of growth I have chosen to face in this incarnation. I have Saturn, the planet of restriction and discipline, in the 1st house of “Self” confidence and worth. I also have Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde in my 11th house of hopes, wishes and dreams. The issue of Saturn in the 1st house is that when someone is discussing an idea with me, my Self usually takes umbrage; it feels threatened because it thinks it is being challenged, when in fact, the person is just asking further questions or conversing with me. My self also learned a long time ago that if I controlled the conversation, then it was difficult to challenge me, especially with Saturn placed in the sign of Scorpio, which is quick witted and an intense energy when it comes to controlling situations. So that is the background of the energy that I am, we all have similar aspects and configurations in our astrological makeup if only we will look or have an astrologer assist us to understand our makeup. With that said, it is still difficult as we try to overcome our challenges, but the first step is the awareness of where your weakness or area of growth is situated so that you can at least be mindful of your situation.

There’s another aspect to listening that many people fail to recognize and that is when you get an intuitive knowing to do something. Much of the time we pass it off because it makes no sense to us or we’re too busy to do it at the moment and then the moment passes.

This past weekend, I had a couple experiences that worked out beautifully, because I just listened and acted, rather that talked and tried to control the situation and I didn’t pushed aside the thought that popped into my head out of the blue. On Friday, I had a knowing, as Margaret would call it, to cleanse a black onyx that I carry in my pocket to assist me to ground myself. I have no Earth in my chart, so I compensate by carrying what would be termed a grounding stone. Jean doesn’t even trust that stone, so she has placed a much larger stone, or should I a say good size rock in the center console of my car beside the driver’s seat as a safety measure! Boy, that did a lot for my self-confidence, but then again, I am being provided the opportunity, and it’s my choice, to listen or heed her advice. I must admit, if I push my “Self” out of the way, it definitely made a lot of sense. i.e. Forget the ego and listen for a change, it’s for your own safety.

So here I am on Friday morning, I take the stone from my pocket and let is soak all day in a sea-salt water solution, then I put it in a Citrine crystal prior to going to bed to complete the cleansing process and to recharge it. On Saturday morning, I finish my breakfast and as I am walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth I am drawn to the Citrine and my grounding stone. I definitely need this today, because I am going to accompany Jean to a Psychic fair that she is doing and in my mind I definitely need some grounding and some protection from all the different energies that will be attending the show. I have my stone cleaned, charged and ready to assist me at the fair.

So what happens at the fair? For the first few hours, absolutely nothing! We sat and observed, caught up with a few old friends we hadn’t seen in the last few years due to our travels to India. Then, just before lunch, our beautiful friend Lori, who just celebrated her 89th birthday, came by and in the conversation she suggested to Jean that she should be doing some color readings. Now Jean had her services placard made up advertising mini-astrology readings, not color readings. Ironically, when we were setting up in the morning, she noticed that she had forgotten her power cord for her computer and she sent Korinne and me home to fetch it. On our way home, she phoned us, and asked us to bring back a little white erase-board we have with some color markers. Why did she need the white board, we already had her services sign printed out, but she had the feeling we needed the white board, so we followed her instructions (I have to admit here, I didn’t agree with her needing the white board and was a little cranky when she asked for it, oh yes this newsletter is about Alan learning to listen) LOL, so back we came with power cord and white board. So when our friend Lori suggested that Jean do color readings, things fell into place. Jean had for some reason brought her color cards in her bag, was that a coincidence and now we had the white board with color markers to make up a sign. It read, Pick a Color – Color Reading $20 for 15 Minutes! – All in different colors by the way.

Just shortly after making the sign, a mother comes to the booth with her little 5-year old daughter who is magically drawn to the color cards. Jean tells her to pick a color she most likes and then pick a color that she doesn’t really like. She picks black for her favorite and yellow for the one she doesn’t like. You may be asking yourself why would a little girl pick black, of all colors. If you had read this little girls energy, you could tell she was a highly sensitive old soul and you could sense that the world around her probably didn’t really make a lot of sense to her. Black represents wanting to not be seen. Margaret for a number of years would always wear black and she was fully aware that she was wearing it because she didn’t want to be seen. The color black also represented the need for grounding so the little girl could cope with the world around her. Yellow represents fear, you could sense the struggle this little girl was having making sense of the world around her and fitting in with her fellow friends and classmates. The mother was amazed at what was given to her about her daughter’s situation just through the choices she made in picking her colors. It explained so much to her about her daughter’s behavior. During the reading I got the strong feeling that the newly cleaned black onyx stone that now resided in my pocket was not for me, but was meant to assist the little girl and when I presented it to her at the end of the reading, the look in her eyes was magical.

The irony was that the mother came back later with her mother, the child’s grandmother and they both received incredible readings from Jean. When Jean was done, I encouraged the mother to think about letting Jean do an in-depth astrology reading for her daughter sometime in the future so she could better understand the child’s strengths and weakness, along with the soul journey this youngster had chosen. I have said in past newsletters and also when I teach, there is no greater knowledge a parent could receive about their child than to understand them astrologically. I know I wish I would have known this for my children. By the way, Jean also had 4 additional color readings, so the final score was color readings 7, and astrological readings 0. Were we listening?

So back to listening, be open to what people say to you out of the blue and be mindful of what your inner voice unexpectedly gives you. Yes, you need to learn through experience whether the information is feeding the ego or whether it is feeding the higher self, but you get to make the choice and learn through the experience.

I know for us, that Saturday unfolded perfectly, because we followed the unplanned promptings outside ourselves and within ourselves, plus we provided some promptings to those that interfaced with us. Did we listen? Will they listen? Well, at the end of the day it is all about the choices we make and often it is about listening. I know I need to focus a little more in that area. Ok, guilty (inner prompting), maybe a lot more in that area!

Have a good month. – Alan