One of the most impactful aspects on the journey of personal development is dealing with the emotional energy that comes to the surface as your adventure unfolds. I call it an adventure, because when things start to happen internally and externally it can get quite daunting and somewhat confusing. There will be highs, lows, laughter, sadness, anger, resentment and all the human emotions in-between. You might say that sounds like normal life, except things have changed for you.

The difference is that you have gained some knowledge about how you need to be more aware of your actions, feelings and the happenings around you. So, you try to be more attentive to what you are feeling and try to delve into the root of this invisible energy that is affecting you mentally, physically or emotionally. The unfortunate thing is that it is not always easy to understand or even comprehend what is transpiring, in fact most of the time there isn’t a lot of explanation of why the energy came to the surface at this particular moment of time or why an event just pushed you out of your comfort zone of life. You’ve possibly learned the catch-phrases like “There are no accidents, Go with the flow, It’s all meant to be, etc, etc. Unfortunately, things are happening around you and you are the one that is having to deal with the rollercoaster of emotions and happenings around you. Those close to you are trying to give you answers or comfort, but you are the one dealing with what you are feeling or experiencing, not them, and the catch phrases don’t really provide solid solutions related to your current state of emotional turmoil.

The journey of Personal development, Spiritual development, Soul evolution or whatever you want to call it is about releasing past life energy that is trapped within your soul memory and is contained in your etheric body for this Earthly incarnation. The energy seeps or gushes out throughout our lives whether we are ready for it or not. It is fueled by our astrological transits relating to our birth chart which can give us some glimpses of where our lessons and karma will play out.

Jean recently had a student who took her Chiron healing course on healing your deepest wound. The initial energy the student experienced as she delved into her deepest wound was a reconnection with her husband and family members. The blissful period lasted a couple months, then the next layer of past life energy came to the surface and the dynamics drastically changed from compassion, to wanting to do bodily harm to the husband! Actually, this is not an abnormal reaction as the energy plays out. It just illustrates the different faces of the energy trapped within us.

I’m reminded of student who did one of Margaret’s mediumistic group classes. As the class unfolded, her incredible healing and intuitive abilities really came to surface, but activating this energy also created another issue for her. She came to class one week and said you aren’t going to believe what’s happened with me. She related that she had pretty much been celibate the last 10 years as she had lost interest in sex, but for some unknown reason her hormones and desires had shifted drastically as her healing and intuitive abilities had been unleashed and now her “poor” husband didn’t know what hit him as he frantically tried to satisfy her new-found insatiable sexual appetite! LOL

Welcome to the “World of Energy”, it is unpredictable and powerful, and can playout in so many different ways in our life. What is required is that you gain an understanding of it in your life and try to surf it to your advantage, not to your detriment due to some emotional reaction that could be detrimental to you and others around you. I remember standing outside a store in India with Margaret shortly after we arrived in country as Jean and Ratna were shopping. Maitreya suddenly pops in and asks me how I am doing. I say, “Actually, this place is bringing out a lot of anger in me”, he said “Good, better out that in”. So yes, it was good, but I needed to first, not take an action that was detrimental to me or others and then I needed to try and connect to the energy and what it was trying to show me. Remember, India was not the problem, it was just energy within me that was trying to get out to assist me to learn and grow.

We’re off to China for a month; new adventures, new learning and oh yes, trapped energy coming to the surface. Last time I was there, the energy that bubbled to the surface showed Jean and my new-found friends being the culprits to my demise in a prior incarnation which led me to sleeping with one eye open to keep an eye on Jean! LOL

Am I Ready for the Energy? How about You? Some things never change, but the journey is worth it!

Have a great month – Alan