Having Metaphysical knowledge can greatly assist you as you try to understand your place in the life and the events that are taking place around you. In my own experience, I have found that sometimes the Universe will bring someone into your life to assist you by mirroring for you an experience or situation to show you that your situation may not be as dire as your emotions are making you feel. I experienced one today as I was waiting for a cab here in India. Things have been somewhat tight financially for us and I must admit, even with my Metaphysical knowledge, it has been a challenge trying to cope with this situation. So today as I’m sitting there on the curb feeling sorry for myself, this very un-kept and less than clean man with a tree branch as a walking stick, a very well worn pair of shorts and shirt staggered by me on the street. I hadn’t seen any of what I would term homeless beggars in front of our apartment complex before, but there he was today to remind me that I may think my situation is bleak, but here was someone to help me shed a different light on my situation. I did decide to open my wallet on this occasion and give him a small donation or should I say an exchange of energy for the ah-ha moment he provided me relating to my own situation.

While I may have assisted this individual today as I felt he assisted me, I did not feel sorry for him because I am uncertain of his journey and why he has chosen the way he is at this moment of time. I think one of the easiest things to say, but also easiest thing to forget from a Metaphysical perspective is that everyone is a very unique individual on their own journey and that this exclusive journey is made up of their own distinct fears and insecurities that have shaped their soul memory. It is this soul memory that will drive their choices through their emotions in this lifetime as they try and navigate their journey. I am not this guy and he is not me, my lessons are not his lessons and we happened to cross paths today to my benefit and his. If I let my emotions take me on a ride, it would be so easy to judge, criticize, gossip, make fun of or feel sorry for this individual. I know I’ve done it many times in the past, but I think India has allowed me to learn more about empathy rather than sympathy. Another term would be detachment with understanding of a bigger picture.

I am realizing that India has been a great place to experience what could be termed extreme poverty and sadness at the human condition that exists everywhere. You don’t have to travel to the slums or the poor areas like you would have to in the U.S. to experience the abject poverty you experience everyday here. These living conditions have reinforced for me that everyone is on their own journey no matter how sad it may appear. It is not easy sometimes to take that view rather than trying to reach out and make right from an emotional perspective what appears to be unfair or wrong. It drives home to me that over the last 14 years I have repaid a lot of karmic debts, but I have also let sympathy and ignorance drive my emotions to assist people that I was really not meant to help. I didn’t realize that I was in fact negating a learning experience they had chosen to learn from. I think this is a very important lesson for me to understand as I move into the next phase of my life. This perception will definitely test the traits of my Libra energy from a standpoint of always wanting to stand up and defend the underdog. Whether that underdog is family, friend or stranger, if it isn’t a karmic debt or you’re not exchanging energy, you may in fact be hurting rather than helping them. Remember, sooner or later the Universe will catch up to you!