Assertively Peaceful



During a recent meditation, I was told to be ASSERIVELY PEACEFUL. This puzzled me at first. Were these an oxymoron? Contradictory terms? Can one be assertive and still be peaceful? Perhaps this is possible only if I allow it to be.

One needs to stand strong in their beliefs, what their being is, what their spirit feels and intuitively portrays. Of course, that means that others may not agree or think the same as you; others will stand strong in their beliefs too. The difficulty comes when our energy goes into believing strongly that the other person is terribly wrong. Judgement kicks in.

Maitreya’s teaching is “Speak your truth quietly and clearly with love.” In our world today so many speak their truth for the sole purpose of making another believe their way, to force another to be what they believe to be the ultimate truth. Assertive becomes aggressive. The “with love” part is gone. The “quietly” becomes force. The “clearly” becomes clouded with emotion and passion.

And yet I believe that one can be assertively peaceful through…

  • living in their own truthful peace no matter what
  • loving no matter what (always going back to loving oneself when loving another seems impossible)
  • listening as well as speaking
  • staying aware of the intuitive being that one is.

This is definitely not easy. It often seems like a delicate balancing act; and the glass bottles you appear to be juggling come close to or actually do come crashing down. Such is the state of the earth plane right now. Picking up the pieces, reshuffling and renewing is often difficult, but not impossible. Peacefully assert yourself in this world by being the true loving spirit that you are, in your own space and time. Stand in your power – remembering and respecting that each being must stand in their power as well. The more we do this with love, the more the energy of love and peace will emanate and prevail in this world, and the true beauty of the Universe will be.

Now I am no longer puzzled. I feel free to be assertively peaceful, and even sometimes peacefully assertive. For those who know me, in the past I have come across as being terribly stubborn. I have mellowed with age; my inner-hippie has returned. I am reminded, in the present and in the future, to be assertively peaceful.

Grateful for writing that flows through to show the way and clarify the puzzles. Gratitude for this meditation. (Meditation with the Masters: Master Mary Magdalene – with Deidre Wilton of


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