As a Spirit-being, we all are equally and uniquely created by the creator – the source energy, many know it as the energy of Universe, God, the Ultimate Being, the Source, or any name they may want to use. We all were sent out into the Universe to experience, grow and expand all the attributes and aspects of the creator. The stars, the planets and the Earth are playgrounds in the Universe provided by the Creator to serve as our school of learning – We are all Beautiful Aspects of this Divine Energy. As we learn and experience, we add and contribute to the growth and expansion of the source – this is the process of soul evolution.

The core foundation of the soul is the Spirit – a Divine Spark of God. It resides deep in our heart and it is always connected to the source, the creator or God, and no matter how many coats or layers the soul has put on through past incarnations, and how far the soul has forgotten its Divinity and Origin, the soul will always be connected to this loving and non-judgmental energy.

As we incarnate on the earth plane to attend the school of life, we live on this side of the veil, and we temporally forget our origins, but deep in our heart we know we belong to something greater and divine, beyond our earthly existence. We are all trying to find that connection so that we can fill the void in our heart and reach the inner peace that passes all existence and understanding. Each soul has chosen its own unique and individual journey of searching to establish this connection – religion, philosophy, science, technology, astronomy, nature, art, music, spirituality, metaphysics, meditation, and prayers, etc. without realizing that we are all a part of God and God is everywhere. God resides in every living thing and in every soul; God is around us, among us, above us, below us and within us. Without God, there is no life and nothing alive. We interact with the energy of God or the Universe individually in our own chosen unique way and, also collectively in groups, community, country, nation.

The astrological natal chart, whether it is a chart for an individual person, or for a nation or country, is the key to unlock our connection with the Universe. It is a contract we have made with God, the energy of the Universe, the Source. It is a roadmap and a blueprint as to how each soul interacts with the energy of God (Ultimate Being, Universe, Source, etc.). Our natal chart contains all the answers to our very being, our soul’s evolution history – karma, past lives, past life energy, life lessons and the lessons we have brought back with us to learn again. Each planet represents a unique energy of God, the aspects between the planets in our natal chart represent our relationship with the energy of God. The continuous planetary transits to our natal chart indicate our dynamic and direct interaction with the energy of God in the Now moment. Each natal chart is unique, individual and personal. No two natal charts are exactly same. Our astrological make-up recorded in our natal chart is a testimonial that shows our own unique and direct connection with God and our personal intimate relationship with this energy. Through our individual chosen life lessons, we grow in spirit and move forward to higher vibration and higher consciousness, on the soul level, we evolve and get closer and closer to becoming one with God. I call this process a journey of returning home where our spirit was originally created and eternally resides.

Thus, the direct and intimate personal relationship with God can only be achieved through executing our own unique life contract with God according to our astrological natal chart. By taking full responsibility and focusing our time and efforts on working through our individual karma, past life energy and learning our chosen life lessons, we develop the most direct and intimate personal relationship with God. To know God personally, we need to know ourselves intimately by understanding our astrological make-up and fulfilling our natal promise. To know God, we must know and comprehend ourselves on a deep soul level. Our astrological natal chart is our blueprint and roadmap. By understanding the knowledge of astrology, we have the key to raise our vibration and consciousness; without understanding the knowledge of astrology, our earthly existence will be like a tree without roots, or a stream without a water source.