Last month I wrote about the astrological indicators that shape our personality, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant or rising sign and 3 of 5 indicators that show us where our fears or stumbling blocks could be. The 5 were, Pluto, Chiron and Saturn, retrograde planets and the Nodes. Last month I wrote about the first three and then to continue, this month I will write about retrograde planets and the N and S Nodes.

Retrograde planets have a symbol Rx next to them. They are indicators of a lesson we bring forward from another lifetime that we did not fully learn and are here to do again. Look in your chart for this symbol and the house placement. The house will indicate the area of life to give extra attention in order to completely learn, (do not count the nodes as they are always retrograde, because they travel in the opposite direction than the planets). I have retrograde Chiron in Sagittarius, in the 10th house of career and public image. Remember Chiron is an indicator of a deep wound or sorrow and once healed it is where we have the gift of healing others. Mine shows a fear of being ridiculed, fear of failure, not being respected or taken serious, not believing my thoughts, goals, actions or ideas are relevant. I also have retrograde Jupiter in Pisces in the 1st house of self, identity and physical appearance. Jupiter in forward motion is the planet of good fortune, good luck and abundance and if in the first house could mean a large or hourglass shape body. Since mine is retrograde, these things could be the opposite or harder to obtain. I have been very shy most of my life, very thin and afraid to be of the world. Yet I have learned to apply myself, pursue my passions, and the opportunities slowly open up to me. They do not come easy as a forward motion Jupiter would suggest; I have to really work for them. I am also learning to have faith in the process and to trust my own intuition. I am tested on this when I ask others for advice, especially spiritual counselors whose answer to my question does not fully resonant. Spirit will sometimes give us an answer that is not always truthful in order for us to learn. I am being tasked to trust my own instincts or gut feelings.

The Nodes are not planets but another set of symbols we can use to understand where we need to apply energy. The S. Node (looks like a smiley face) and opposite to that, the N. Node (looks like head phones.) The S. Node is something we are very good at doing, one of our gifts, it is something we bring from another time that we have a P.H.D in. Because of this we tend to over do it and then it almost becomes a stumbling block. We are here to learn to apply energy to the N. Node for balance. The N. Node, sometimes called our destiny, does not feel comfortable or we may not understand the energy of how to apply it, as it is so foreign and opposite of our autopilot, the S. Node, so we fear this. My S. Node is in Libra in the house of Libra or 7th, this puts my N. Node in Aries in the 1st house ruled by Aries. So the combination of Libra in 7th and Aries in 1st creates a doubling of the Libra and Aries energies working against one another. This combination is telling me I give more to relationships, to getting along rather than standing in my truth. I want to get along and keep the peace, which are good traits, but I tend to do so at the expense of my own self-expression. It is second nature for me to be kind or get along and I must constantly stay aware of how I do not always speak up. In the past I would hold my tongue in order to create peace, yet slowly the energy works it way out and then I end of blasting out my thoughts in an angry tone, instead of speaking with love.