Most people on the spiritual path know about their natal charts, a life map for this earth school. We are usually most familiar with the three things that shape our personality, our Sun sign or our driving force, our Moon sign, how we express emotion and what we need for emotional security and our rising sign or ascendant, how we present ourselves to the world. But what of our fears, those things that trip us up or the things we came here to change? There are at least five astrological influences to study that determine this; any planet that is retrograde, our N. Node and the planets Pluto, Saturn and the asteroid Chiron. These help to show us how we keep ourselves stuck, our fears.  When doing readings for clients, I find the ones that are the biggest stumbling blocks are Pluto, Saturn and Chiron. These usually take the longest, sometimes a life time to recognize, understand, acknowledge, and change and all deeply ingrained in past life history.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and how we use power and control. We usually experience both sides of this equation or flip from one side to the other, by trying to overpower and control others or by being overpowered or controlled by others.  Some people do this this at work, through our voice, during sports, parenting and so on. It usually brings up deep issue and secrets to the surface. In either case, we are letting our self or ego take over because we are either afraid to stand up for ourselves or we think our way is the only way, a way to control others so they do not get the upper hand. This energy is transformed when we no longer have to be “right” or are not afraid to say something.  The best energy of this planet is somewhere in the middle, by empowering, allowing others to be themselves, even when we feel hurt, unrecognized, or by standing up for ourselves in a kind and loving way. This is easier said than done, but what we strive to do.

Saturn, our teacher, gives us our hardest lessons, goes very slow, is conservative, can delay or take away.  Saturn allows us to clear away old negative energy by constantly bringing us situations in order to learn.  We keep having similar experiences until we change how we do things. It is like building a house, we are tasked to go step by step, laying the foundation, building the walls, roof, electrical, plumbing, drywall, and finishing. Sometimes we have to repeat a step or if we go too fast, the building is not secure and we need to tear down and then start over. But once we get finished, we have a beautiful product. It is very frustrating and sometimes full of angst.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer. This asteroid can give us insight into an area of life, where there is a deep emotional wound due to suffering from a deep loss or sorrow from another time. This energy is still present in our emotional body. We so fear this area of life, we do anything not to experience the pain again. We keep fighting this energy, but once experienced, it can clear ourselves of deep emotional pain. After we have finally released the pain and understand how this has tripped us up, we can then use the healing power of this planet, by being compassionate to others in similar situations and perhaps offer our insight. Also after releasing such deep sorrow, our channel for Spirit is higher, more intense, so any area of healing that we use will be stronger, just our presence will be brighter.