Autowriting with Source 3.23.2022
by Frankie Wintersteen

Tell me, why am I here?

YOU are here to teach others how to love themselves without making  it so challenging.

Life should be an adventure not a boring routine where you become plain matter. YOU MATTER so create a playground for adults to remember their childhood youthfulness of wonder and excitement.

YOU are a code cracker,  you crack what’s blocking  others from seeing their soul in all shades, not just black or white.

You mirror what they can’t seem to grasp (for healing or learning). So, you say and do what their soul longs for. Hard part is most don’t rise to the challenge they get scared & crawl back under a rock vs standing on it frightened by their own shadows. You are brave without any. Expectations other than going with the flow or never backing down from a dare especially a “triple dog dare”, lol.

YOU act as a GPS system for others to expand.

You will continue to assist navigating up until you see repetitive behaviors stuck in reverse and will then try to help change directions time and time again until you get stuck in their loops and need to save yourself from being short circuited, which you nor I know would never let that happen.

Each learning or healing provides you back your vitality. YOU have vital light again. In a month you will embody the real you who exists as your high self in Spirit. We call this embodiment process attunement of frequency and inner resonance. When you reach this place, you are true self as a human. This is where you are headed. Talk tomorrow.

More to come on….