by Laura Elliott

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! For this month’s newsletter there is a channeled message from our Angels. I wish you all the best in the New Year, and remember, the path to your joy lies within. Laura

We come to speak the truth to you today. Do not fear what you may find on the other side of the veil. There is so much fear wrapped up in wondering what is beyond this existence you are currently residing in. Remember that what you are experiencing in this moment is but an illusion. The experience you are having is not real, merely an illuminated projection of the real you. The real you is your Higher Self, which is having a physical experience on the Earth plane through you. With your 3rd Density brain, it is difficult to grasp the concept we are about to speak of; it has been set up that way. The amnesia that you experience upon coming to the Earth plane is to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the 3rd Density experience. If you were to automatically remember your True Self it would taint the experience you wished to have. The journey back to your True Self (the remembrance) is a part of the experience you desired, the Awakening. What we wish you to remember at this time is the understanding that you are a vast energetic Being having many experiences simultaneously. Your Higher Self is experiencing more than one reality at a time, and through your Higher Self you are able to draw from the knowledge that is gained from all of your different fractal aspects.

For example, in one reality you may have chosen to go to college and in another you did not go to college. In the existence where you went to college you then chose a career, but in another existence you dropped out of college to pursue something else. Each decision you make splits off from the tree branch it sprouts from and creates a new existence and a new set of experiences, creating realities for each available choice. Each decision you make continues to split off in different directions as each decision leads to yet another set of choices. In this way your soul (Higher Self) is able to experience multiple existences at the same time and it is the most expeditious way of having the most experiences it can have in the shortest amount of time. There is always a you in another reality that said yes to an option that you in this reality said no to. Think of a tree, and all the branches coming from the trunk, and then all the branches coming from each branch and so on, and so on. There is no limit to the number of times the split can happen.

We understand this is a difficult concept for your physical brain to “wrap itself around”, but we tell you it is true. Even having done so many experiences simultaneously, you have come back multiple times, or you will come back multiple times, to continue this process for a number of reasons. One of them being that there is still so much to experience, and you still have not done it all. When you go to a theme park and do not have a chance to ride all the rides you want to, you return to the theme park again so that you may have the most complete experience possible. The same is true for your trips to the Earth plane. There is so much to do and experience that even though your Higher Self allows your experiences to multiply exponentially, you still want to return when your trip is through so that you can “ride all the rides” that you missed on prior visits.

You may not believe it now, but yes, you did choose to come to the Earth plane for these experiences that you are having. Good or bad, as you perceive and judge these experiences, you were the one that wanted to take this trip and you did all the planning for it before you travelled here. If you are familiar with our lessons, you are already aware that there are no such things as good, bad, right, or wrong; experiences are simply that, experiences. We are suggesting that you learn to find the neutrality of the experiences you are having instead of judging (having an opinion about) them. For a further explanation of this concept, please see our previous information on the subject as we will not delve deeper into it at this moment.

We wish for you to understand this at this time because you are facing the end of a very tough year and at the cusp of beginning another. Do not expect for things to change on a dime at 12:01 on January 1st, 2021. Even when the pandemic ends there will be a new normal to find and settle into. Many things are changing drastically at this time. In addition to the pandemic there are many things happening vibrationally on a frequency level that will be building up as the next few years go by and that is why we are strongly suggesting learning to live in the neutrality of your experiences. This is more important now than ever! Everything that has been happening has a reason, even if you cannot see it from your current vantage point, we assure you that this is indeed the case.

Do not look for those in power to fix things for you. All change begins within each of you. As within, so without. The things that are happening in the world around you are only the symptoms presenting from the inner turmoil of the mass consciousness of humanity. Those that are here on Earth at this time to assist humanity through these difficult times are doing their best to hold the light for all of humanity in the hope that humanity will awaken and begin to help carry the load. The many Lightworkers on the planet right now have been carrying a lot of responsibility in maintaining the grid that surrounds the planet. It can be very arduous, and many have been serving humanity in this way for hundreds of thousands of years. It is now time for humanity to stand, take their power back and participate in saving themselves. This does not mean we encourage any type of physical altercations, what we mean by ‘taking your power back’ is another lesson we have been teaching that you can find in our previous works. Briefly, we speak of regaining your sovereignty from those who have sought to control you by realizing that you have given your sovereignty away to them. All it takes is that awareness to begin changing your inner world, to begin regaining your sovereignty, which in turn changes the outer world you are experiencing. Do you see? Do you understand what we speak of?

We are always here to assist you in your growth and the return of your sovereignty. This is what you need at this time and these are the answers to the questions you are currently having about your lives and the state of the world. Do not look outside yourself for the answers, you have access to everything you need if you but remember how to tap into your inner wisdom that resides in your Heart Space. We in the world of Spirit are waiting for you to meet us there. We are ready for you to reconnect with us so that we may help you to remember your Higher Self, which is your True and Eternal Self. You are still tangibly connected to your Higher Self, there is no way not to be. All you need to do is to begin using the techniques we are teaching to assist you to once again remember how to exist in your Heart Space. When you are existing in your Heart Space you are able to see and feel your direct connection to your Higher Self and in that way, the Creator.

We are always here for you. Please remember to invite us each day to assist you with anything we can so that we have the permission to assist you while honoring your free will. We are also available to speak to you through our channel, and the words she has written down for us can be found in our blog and in our book With Love, From Your Angels.

Thank you for reading our words and allowing us to serve you in this way.

With Love, Your Angels

Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant offering private and group consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, inner guidance, and personal spiritual growth. You can contact Laura at her website, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and Twitter @MessagingAngels.

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