What is awareness? Awareness is the ability to sense/perceive and be conscious of the surrounding or sensory patterns. Awareness is a state of consciousness that surpasses all linear understanding or workings of a linear mind. Awareness only occurs in awakened souls although this can be a gradual development in souls leading to full awareness or heightened conscious minds. The state of awareness varies in individuals as well as the state that one is in. For example, as we all know, the planetary alignments or astrological placements of planets affect every individual on Earth. No one can escape from pitfalls, lessons, or karma. However, with proper guidance, tools, and knowledge, one can avoid pitfalls or circumvent unfavorable situations or conditions. In short, if one is aware, one can make the best of the situation or optimize opportunities that are presented.

One can equate awareness to being conscious or mindful. This is because when one is mindful, one is conscious of one’s actions and thoughts. Hence, you can also say that being aware is also synonymous with conscious living.  I often talk about the Ying and Yang or Duality in the Old Energy. In the Old Energy, the Dark and Light portions create the Push-and-Pull energies in our world. This is very much governed by the karmic law too (cause and effect). At any given moment, we can either utilize our Higher Self (Divine Consciousness) or the Ego (the Lower Self) in making decisions. Of course, using the former would mean one is making a conscious choice whereas using the latter would bring one deeper into trouble or miseries down the road (subconscious choice). As I have mentioned many times, the prime directive on Earth is freewill for all.  This goes to say, God or the Creator will not stop or halt a nuclear war if the collective humanity chooses destruction. An awakened soul who is aware will choose Peace anytime whereas a soul who is invested in darkness doesn’t understand or is even aware of their choices even though he/she is granted freewill. One is only aware of one’s choices after having developed at least some awareness. E.g., A dictator will only think destructing/controlling his enemies is the only way to gain power or fame. On the other hand, a great leader who has awareness will understand that his power is through his people by garnering their support, contribution, and involvement in building a cohesive society. The dictator is unlikely to be aware of even such an option.

In general, when one hasn’t developed awareness, often times the events that unfold come from the subconscious mind. It is only when one has awareness, one understands the choices that can be taken to achieve harmony. I am sure many of us have encountered individuals who do not like us (or may even hate us) even though we haven’t done anything wrong. These individuals are playing out their subconscious minds from their Akashs (from other lifetimes) and if no efforts are taken, situations can repeat themselves or get worse. It is the same when we encounter problems in our lives. These can be karma, life lessons or just challenges. If awareness hasn’t been cultivated, the autoplay would come from the subconscious mind (same choices/patterns) and the lessons will get harder and harder as time goes by. May I say that to every problem we have, there is a spiritual solution to it. All problems on Earth are man-made and are of low vibration/Consciouness. In order to solve these problems, we need to go beyond our subconscious and linear minds because the solutions reside in our creative and conscious minds which is One with the Source/Creator.

The next question is how to develop awareness. In my personal opinion, I feel Meditation is the best way to cultivate awareness or mindfulness. I am sure there are other ways that work as well such as being one with Nature or to immerse in one’s passion etc. Nevertheless, no matter which path you take, it should bring you closer to your Divine or Higher Self. The first sign of having awareness is the ability to identify the Ego and set it apart from the Higher Self. Of course, the next step is to choose which Consciousness to be the ‘driver’.

In my workshops, I teach students to develop awareness by going within.  It should be an effortless and relaxed manner that mimics our daily state so that it can be practiced 24/7. I don’t encourage forceful breath work because it should be like a breeze and not feel like work. The method to get in touch with the inner core is easy but may be challenging because of the Ego. Just listen to your soul. Observe without judgement all thoughts that arise. Even when a negative thought such as fear/anger arises, acknowledge it, and send it back to the Void. The mere action of just acknowledging the fear or anger is by itself a form of awareness. You are aware you have fear or anger but you face it by not suppressing it. Those who are more advanced will understand where the fear or anger comes from and the further you go, the more you will become aware of the root/nature of this negative emotion. Advanced students can sometimes feel the energetic blocks of the negative emotion itself and release it. At heightened state of awareness, you can even trace it back to the lifetime it first occurred and erase it from your Akash. That is initial step towards developing joy and happiness in your life.

I leave you in Peace & Joy

Healings/Meditation Workshop:

10th Topic : Developing your Awareness
Date : Saturday/Sunday, 7th/8th. Oct, 2023

6:30 pm EST Saturday, 7th Oct,
11:30 pm Saturday, 7th. Oct, for Canary Islands.
6:30 am Sunday 8th. Oct, for Malaysia & Singapore
12: 30 am Sunday 8th. Oct, for Madrid, Spain  
8:30 am Sunday 8th. Oct, for Melbourne, Australia

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