I am finding the energy of now, these times, so very interesting. There is so much going on, experiences and observations that seem to go way beyond human understanding. It is easy to become overwhelmed and/or stuck, lost in the confusion of a word that seems to have gone crazy. How does one navigate through this, and on their spiritual path? I put that question out before meditations this month, and this is what came through for me.

Once you are aware, you cannot be unaware.
Once you see, you cannot unsee.
Once you hear, you cannot unhear.
Once you know, you cannot unknow.

If you don’t bend you will break.
If you don’t flow you will sink.

Acknowledge what you see, hear, and know.
Acknowledge, cherish, and live in your awareness.
This will allow you to bend and flow.

And so it is, simple and beautiful, like a deep breath of fresh air. Such simplicity and beauty will see us through this chosen lifetime – and through the eclipses, retrogrades, changing times of April!

May you live in your awareness and have a simply beautiful April, as we make our way through this interesting time.

©Linda Zeppa
Linda Zeppa is an author, writer, educator, intuitive development coach and guide, a writing coach and guide and editor. For more information contact