Awareness and Choice
by Jean Luo

The creator, or whatever name you call this ultimate energy of creation, has granted each soul the ultimate gift; free will. Thus, each of us has the freedom to make choices and decisions according to our own free will. As a result, our soul learning and spiritual growth is playing out based on the outcomes and consequences of the choices that we make throughout our life on the Earth Plane both individually and collectively.

Since each human soul is unique and has his or her own unique soul journey, each of us should make our own exclusive choices and decisions. Our choices may be completely different from those who are close to us and whom we love deeply and dearly. Full acceptance of our individual uniqueness is not an issue or a problem at all from a divine creation perspective; it is known as true unconditional love. Unfortunately, individuality has been a big issue and problem throughout human history when our unique individual choices run counter to norms, standards or society customs, cultural tradition, politics, government, religion, media, and social media. Fears and insecurities are triggered, and common ground becomes very elusive as emotions cloud the higher perspective of ‘Individual Free Will’, thus preventing the individual soul from learning and growing from their choices.

If mankind is to create heaven on Earth, live in peace and harmony during the Age of Aquarius, we must be allowed to make our own individual choices and decisions according our own free will, and be encouraged to take full responsibility for the choices and decisions we make. Only by doing so, can we become the master of our own life and the captain of our own destiny; Only by doing so, can we reach our full potential and be truly happy; And only by doing so, can we create a society of peace and harmony.

How do we know what choice to make? How can we know if we have made the choice for our own highest good?

First of all, we need to know that we came to the earth plane with a purpose. Each of us has a life plan. The life plan is our roadmap or blueprint of this incarnation. Each of us has chosen it according to our own soul evolution before we were born. Our individual life plan is our natal chart which is a snapshot of the stars at the moment we were born, and it has precisely recorded our direct relationship and intimate connection with the Creator of the Universe. We all have chosen of our own free will our own unique plan of learning and growth according to our chosen life lessons, karma, and past life issues we have decided to work on. Knowing our own life plan is the first and most important and necessary step that each of us needs to take as it provides us the information and insight on what we are here for, our purpose, destiny, life lessons, karma, and past life energy, etc.; and it gives us the guidance to make choices and decisions for the highest good of our soul evolution. Thus, the best gift we can give ourselves is to have an in-depth astrology reading at the soul level.

Concentrating on your own life plan, your own lessons, and faults which many times have been carried over from past incarnations. Making choices and decisions according to your own life plan and life lessons. When you can do so, you can begin to move forward and become the soul you are meant to be and live a life you are destined to have.

Secondly, understanding life is a game and an illusion. Its sole purpose is for our soul learning and growth. Human life on the Earth Plane is not meant to be easy, otherwise, how can each of us learn and grow throughout our earthly human experiences? Human life is not meant to be unhappy either. You may argue that it is impossible to live a challenging life with happiness. It is a reasonable argument. How can we be happy when we are struggling? However, it is a matter of perspective and the way we perceive life, and of the way we approach life. If we can see life as a learning experience of making choices, decisions, and take full responsibility for following our own inner voice, it will not seem so heavy.

Thirdly, try not to believe all that we see. For life is an illusion which can only be seen through when one begins to raise one’s vibration. Although many people have called the earth plane “hell” because it is filled with darkness of fear, ego, anger, insecurity, control, manipulation, and all sorts of “negativity”. However, when we flip our perception and view about life, we can also call the earth plane a “school of life” because we can learn as much as we wish through our chosen life experiences.

Fourthly, always be aware. Awareness is the key to enable us to make courageous and wise choices. Without awareness, we are blind; we are a sheep being manipulated and controlled by the worldly agenda – money, power, wealth, fame, social status, fortune, material possessions, and other people’s approval, etc. As we’re trapped in the Illusion of Life, we don’t realize that the worldly agenda is nothing more than an illusionary playground designed for our soul to learn his/her own chosen life lessons.

As we raise our vibration, we become more aware of the illusion, with the awareness, we will be able to see through the illusion the Earth plane creates, we can then see the lessons we need to learn, and we have the ability to let go of that illusion and make wise choices for the betterment of our soul.

Fifthly, listen to our soul, make choices from our heart, and taking full responsibility for our own life. Each of us is destined to be the master of our own life and destiny. We are not meant to be like a lost sheep and follow anyone, or to be saved by anyone else.

I still vividly remember that in 2006, I was in a period of facing a very deep and dark past life energy, I was so terrified and frozen in an overwhelming state of abject fear. Ascended Master Maitreya channeled through Margaret and he talked to me directly, “Are you a mouse, my dear?” “What do you mean, Master?” I asked, because I was so scared. “Are you a mouse?” he asked me again. “I guess I am not.” This time I answered him with a timid voice. “Are you a lion?” he asked me further. “I guess I want to be a lion.” I answered him with uncertainty because I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself. “Then you must act like a lion!” he said to me very firmly and clearly. Then he exited and Margaret was back. This conversation with him stuck vividly in my soul and has inspired me to face my fears and keep moving forward on my soul journey as a courageous lion. His words continue to inspire and encourage me to push everyday to transform myself and to not be afraid of making my own choices and decisions; this has enabled me to continually strive to become the master of my own destiny.

Everything we have experienced is what we have created based on our previous choices and decisions. Everything that we will experience is what we are creating at each moment according to our present choices and decisions. We create the world we live in both individually and collectively, and we are the world! Our choices and decision are the power and force of creation and manifestation. Each of us needs to ask ourselves these questions: What kind of world do we want to create? What kind of human life do we want to have on the Earth Plane? Think about it deeply from our heart and make choices and decisions from our heart.
Everything is energy and energy must flow. Focus on you and your own life, make choices and decisions that allow the energy of life to flow freely and joyfully throughout your life and nourish your soul. All be well.