Awareness – the First Step of Change
by Jean Luo

The Earth Plane is a school and a playground. It provides all possible learning and growth experiences for the purpose of soul evolution. Mankind is here attending the school of life and playing the game of life which has been going on for eons of time. The goal is to grow and evolve in vibration and consciousness individually as a human being, and collectively as humankind. As such, everything we have experienced and are experiencing, every situation we have encountered and are encountering is a learning and growth opportunity.  All souls here are attending the school of life and playing the game of life. All souls come here with different levels of vibration and consciousness. Each soul is unique, different from another, and equally important regardless of the color of the skin, the sex or gender, the culture, the race, the nationality, the belief, the politics, etc. We must treat each other with acceptance, respect, equality, and compassion. We are all here for a reason, that being soul evolution through our own chosen learning experiences. Try to emotionally detach and try to not get emotionally embroiled in the situation when you are facing a challenge, encountering a conflict, or experiencing a difficult situation. Every situation is placed before you for a reason and is not what it may look to be on the surface. Try and remember that emotions tend to cloud and distort the learning experience of the situation.

For example, a man becomes a racist in this incarnation, he hates those who have a different color of skin and who are different from him. He ends up killing a black man out of his righteousness and never thought what he did was wrong. One day he dies and goes back to the world of spirit. All the members of his soul family are there welcoming him back home and the soul who was the black man that he killed on the Earth Plane is also there welcoming him back home! The soul who was the black man smiles to him with joy and happiness. By then, he also recognizes that the black man that he killed was from the same soul family and is his best friend in the world of spirit! The soul who played the black man had chosen this incarnation on the Earth Plane to assist him to try and learn this most difficult lesson of acceptance, equality, and respect. Unfortunately, he once again got caught up in other people’s beliefs and emotions and rather than come to love and respect his best friend from the world of spirit, he killed him! No judgement once he came home to spirit, just another incarnation required to try and conquer the lesson of acceptance, equality, and respect.

The truth is, if you are emotionally involved in the situation, you will be unable to see the situation objectively and clearly, and you will be consumed and controlled by your emotion and the emotions of others. Your emotion and the emotions of those around you become the driving force of all your thinking, belief, choices, decision making, actions, and reactions, and you have no peace at all. On the other hand, when you are not emotionally involved in the situation, you will be able to see the situation objectively and clearly, and you will know what to do from your heart. The energy that you need to deal with the situation will be more peaceful, positive, and powerful with conviction.

The outer world is not a creation but the manifestation of whatever resides deeply within each of us. All energies that have created our society and our human world today on the Earth Plane are the energies that are residing deeply in our unconscious individually and collectively. If we want to change the world, we must start the change ourselves from within. Only by going deep within, to change the energies that are responsible for having created the outer world, can we manifest a world that we want in our heart.

How do we know what resides deep within us? How can we gain access to our unconscious? Our subconscious mind is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious. It communicates with us all the time and it controls the activities of our brain, our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, habits, patterns, conditioning, etc.

Awareness is the key to making change. Without awareness, our thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions are completely driven by whatever resides in our subconscious and unconscious individually and collectively, and we will be endlessly repeating the same patterns of the past and keep repeating the same cycle of the human history. Forever lost in the illusion of the game of life.

To spirally evolve upwards in vibration and consciousness, both individually and collectively, we must be aware of the SELF part of each of us and the COLLECTIVE SELF part of mankind that manipulates, sabotages and controls each of us with our emotions, fears, angers, hatred and insecurities. We must become aware that we are repeating the same pattern, situation or event in our human life over and over; we must be aware that we are attracting the same type of people, issues and problems into our life; we must become aware of what people are trying to say to us, and the consequence we have created from our own actions and reactions.

Raising awareness is the first step to begin the change. With awareness, we have the opportunity of making choices not driven by emotion. We can choose to change to a new way of life, or we can choose to stay in the old way.  If we choose to change, new responsibilities come with the new path. We cannot say we have changed and continually stay on the old path. Furthermore, awareness is not something that can be forced upon someone, it is a step forward in each individual soul’s growth process and is a part of the soul journey of raising their vibration to a higher consciousness.

Change starts from within each of us and manifests through our awareness. Be mindful and always be aware. Try to detach and discern, do not be swayed by other people’s emotions, opinions, beliefs, or truth. Focus on you and your life. Always remember, you are the only person who is absolutely and fully responsible for your own life and life journey. Thus, you are the creator of your own reality. You cannot depend on anyone or anything to decide for you. Make the decision, take responsibility, and hold yourself accountable for it. By taking full responsibility for your own life, you begin to truly empower yourself and begin your journey towards creating the happier and abundant life you are meant to have. If each of us can truly focus on changing ourselves from within, we will for sure manifest an amazing, abundant, peaceful, and harmonious human world together as a whole.

“Be aware. Be aware of what you are saying to others, of how you say it. Be aware of the words coming out of your mouth. Be aware of how your Self manipulates you not to do the very thing you know will raise your vibration.” – Maitreya Quotes App