Very recently I went though a past life release. While going through it I distanced myself from Spirit as I was overcome by a feeling of helplessness. But Maitreya’s teachings and his team newsletters helped me to become aware that past life memories were coming to surface and how I can safely release those fears as they come up. After few days of going through it, I felt so thankful for Spirit for their patience, because I know even during that time Spirit was still helping me with the rest of the things in my life.

From my understanding, past lives are stored in the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind doesn’t understand time and when those memories come to surface it feels like it is happening now. It takes time to release and heal, and when there is more than one past life involved with the same helpless feeling, or when the helplessness was prolonged in a given past life, there is possibility that it became a much deeper issue and the release can be slower as you clear layer after layer. There is something about Maitreya’s teaching that makes me feel that I am on my way to my true home, even while going through a daunting past life release. I think it is the awareness about past life energy that gives me the strength to endure the release. I am very thankful to have such awareness. Margaret and her team inspired me so much by writing about past life energy and how that they worked though it, I feel that it is ok when a fearful emotion gets triggered by day-to-day news. Instead of dismissing my fear, I am now interested in looking into it and facing it as much as I can and keeping at it. I also found that when I keep on dismissing my fears and hide them, there is a feeling of being stuck and stagnant. So facing a past life emotion when it gets triggered, seem to be a better option to me. Sometimes there can be to many past life triggers at the same time, like, related to my health, personal relationships, workplace, etc., but again, just the awareness that it is more than I can handle is very helpful and that I can choose which ones to deal with, and ask Spirit to slow down the triggers and ask for help and healing. After a past life release it feels like there is new life energy in me and it is a beautiful feeling. I am so thankful for experiencing something so beautiful and it is very precious to me, and it helps me to keep going.